NESN is on fire.

They have two hilarious articles up on their site everyone must read. You will laugh. You will cry. You will , well you will laugh.

Kevin Millar

Mark Texiera sounds like an


Also vote for Timmy. I voted once for him and once for Ortiz in the last poll at NESN and it turns out Timmy’s stick save beat Ortiz’s game 4 homerun in 04. (I couldn’t chose. I loved them both so I voted once for each)

Timmy needs to beat the Patriots first Superbowl since half that team was bitter against the Sox because fans loved them more then the Patriots. And they wore Yankee hats all time time. (Damn you Ty Law. You made me hate you)

Classy Timmy over Yankee hat wearing Brady, Law and Milloy ANY day.

And Red Sox over boxing is a, duh


Non related a man cheated so his kid could win 50 thousand. Basically one twin won the contest but the other twin took the shot. This equals cheating. No money.

yet these two kids were “honest” and got a free ride to a hockey camp. How honest were they when they cheated? Give me a break. Rewarding this kid is ridiculous.



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3 responses to “NESN is on fire.

  1. Kevin Youkilis is back tomorrow! We’re saved! Ahoy!
    I would probably vote Ortiz over Tim. But it would hurt inside.
    i read that about the hockey kid and had a similar reaction.
    And it wasn’t the kid that was so fricking honest. It was the dad. Pesky kids. Send the DAD to camp.
    Kevin Youkilis comes back tomorrow! Tomorrow, FDA! Tomorrow!

  2. FireDannyAinge

    I voted for Papi. Felt guilty, went back and voted for Timmy. I felt better. I agree Papi’s play was bigger but I love both and one won’t be a Yankee next year, so.

    I was just about to write this,

    on your blog but I wasn’t signed in so I came in here to sign in and well, you were hear. (get it hear cuz I was screaming AHHHHHH)

    200 million dollar BUST. Scuturo can hit but Gonzo can’t. He is a startin to a makin me maaaaaaad

  3. it’s okay! it’s okay! we’re going to be fine! youk is here! youk is here!

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