Will we still love David Ortiz next year?

David Ortiz is the one Red Sox player I might have a hard time booing under any circumstances. Well until I read comments like the one in this article that literally brought a a tear to my eye. One tear, left eye.

You have to read the first few paragraphs for this comment to make sense but it doesn’t hurt any less even if the article states, this comment was made in humor and not bitterness.

It was the end of a long night in Minnesota, and David Ortiz was still in high spirits after hitting a homer and driving in the winning run with a single on a four-hit night. He’d engaged in some humorous back-and-forth with reporters following the game, and now, as he was preparing to leave, I asked him whether he’d noticed that ESPN had resurrected the TV ad in which he is showing Yankees catcher Jorge Posada how to break in a new cap.

Ortiz, as part of his lesson to Posada, has just placed a Yankees cap on his own head when Wally the Green Monster walks past, spots Ortiz and drops everything he is carrying.The ad ends with Ortiz rising and calling plaintively after the Red Sox mascot, “Wally, Wally, it’s not what you think.”

Yes, Ortiz said, he’d seen the ad airing again, noting that the network often shows it any time the Red Sox and Yankees are playing each other.

“Next year,” Ortiz said as he was walking away, “it might be, ‘Wally, it is what you think.'”

I boo any Red Sox player that becomes a Yankee. I still hate Wade Boggs, Doug Mientkiewicz, Roger Clemens, Mark Bellhorn, The ego that ate the World and nothing they ever say or do will ever change my opinion of them. But David Ortiz is… different. No he is David Ortiz. He changed the world with the swing of a bat. He’s an icon in Boston. He is the guy that broke the curse. Doesn’t he understand that he would be killing his legacy if he ever became a Yankee? Does he even give a damn? Why doesn’t he care?

I know baseball is a business. I know us the fans are the only ones that actually have any loyalty but this comment literally killed me. I know he has made a comment like this before. I wrote a blog about it then.

I don’t know. I don’t like being blackmailed but I also don’t like not having loyalty to a guy like David Ortiz.

I don’t know anything anymore.


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