Should the Red Sox re-sign David Ortiz

This was a draft I wrote awhile ago. I decided to publish it. See how optimistic I was?

Here is how mad I was a few months ago.

This is the blog I just wrote a few minutes ago.

That is how I feel now. I go from optimistic, to maaaaaad to not quite sure how to feel.

This video at and I HAD to comment on it.

Should the Red Sox sign David Ortiz? My answer is DUH! Just ignore my past blog after Ortiz said he had to play somewhere when asked if he would sign with New York. I was under extreme pressure at that point in my day life.

Yes the Red Sox should re-sign Ortiz. That is a no brainer. I hate to admit this out loud but I actually agree with Massarotti in that video. You don’t need to sign him now. Wait until the end of the season and give him the going rate. A year or two with an option. That sounds fair.

As for who decided to pick of Ortiz’s option being the owners decision. Don’t be so sure. If anyone understands what Papi means to Boston It’s Theo. He knows what it means to be a real Red Sox fan. He is one. he us. A business man first but he is still one of us.



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3 responses to “Should the Red Sox re-sign David Ortiz

  1. FireDannyAinge

    You always agree with me. I like you:)

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