FDA is right again

Bandwagon fans make me laugh. I bet you laughed at me when I said David Stern needed a white guy to succeed in the NBA to get people to watch. ESPECIALLY when A lock out is coming. A lasting memory to bring back in the suckers.

Lookey here. A survey on most marketable players and the white guy leads. Congrats David Stern. You fixed the NBA finals to make Lebron lose (It’s what the people want) and make Dirk Win (It’s what the league needs)

There is NO way the NBA was going to leave the last champions before A lockout , the hated Miami Heat. No one would ever come back and watch,

Anyone that supports this league is an idiot. If you need more proof after KG hit some guy in his private parts and acted like a baby when he lost REFUSING to congratulate the other team his name is still listed in the top ten. Pathetic.



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2 responses to “FDA is right again

  1. I don’t think you care for the NBA that much…maybe it’s just me.

  2. FireDannyAinge

    The NBA is an old love that broke my heart so I am contacting Taylor Swift to co-write a hate song with me for her next CD.

    Hell has no fury like a women scorned you know.

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