Nice guys finish last

Kevin Faulk was re-signed by the Patriots today. You know the guy that has already helped us win Superbowls? but the news was too busy telling us about the whore’s boyfriend Ocho CincoNOOOOOO!!!

Speaking of the devil, Ocho gave, Hernandez no money for the number 85. I realize Hernandez (who is very cute by the way) is a nice guy but he should at least give him something.

Back in the days when I didn’t have a gag reflex about the evil green team Antoine Walker was traded back here and fat Al had his number 8. Fat Al was nice and just gave the number back to Antoine but Antoine bought him a watch (expensive watch) and he flew Al and all the rookies at that time to Vegas for a boxing match, paying for everything just because. Of course now 85 is engaged to the whore that stole all Antoine’s money until he had none left then dumped him. The world is a circle.

I am so writing a blog about the whore tomorrow:)


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One response to “Nice guys finish last

  1. Hard to believe the Ocho circus has come to New England. Good luck with that, Pats fans…and Robert Kraft had done so much to raise the image of the franchise by saving football. That’s gone…oh, and Albert Haynesworth…what is Bill B running up there, a camp for wayward youth?

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