I don’t have a heart

When I saw this video the first thing I thought to myself was Josh Beckett throws balls into the crowd? Since when? He is usually the first one not to sign an autograph(unless it’s for the rich kids that get in early) or throw a ball to a kid. He almost never looks at the crowd.

So when I got over my initial shock of Josh Beckett giving a crap about anyone not named Josh Beckett my second thought was, Isn’t this kid a little old to be crying over a ball?

I know.I know, I am heartless but this kid is like 12. He is going to get bullied like no one else if his friends find out about this and my guess is they just might find out.

I have huge issues with players that cater to kids at baseball games. Kids are shrewd little business people. Much more so then adults. I bet this ball ends up on E-bay faster then Jeter’s 3000 hit ball would have been if I was the one that had caught it.

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