You know how you can tell when the media is lying?

There lips are moving.

The headline of this article is as followed,

Red Sox getting aggressive for Jimenez

Then one of the next lines is as followed,

The Yankees are on the outside for now

This same reporter is selling his soul on E-bay for 29.99 are you interested ?

Let me get this straight the Red Sox are aggressive but the Yankees have just a passing interest? Right.

I am sure the Sox are interested in Ubaldo Jimenez but this article reeks of a media person trying to use the Sox to up the offer from NY. That headline above the Yankees being on the outside in is ridiculous. The Yankees are always in it when it comes to screwing a team over and if it is the Red Sox then they are usually leading the charge.

Maybe this reporter is just reporting information from the Rockies he knows is false. Maybe he is helping them out. Who knows for sure. What I do know is the Red Sox are not interested in every free agent on the planet yet there name is mentioned in every article.



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2 responses to “You know how you can tell when the media is lying?

  1. hey! some members of the media are truth tellers. fabulous, amazing and under appreciated truth tellers.

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