Yo Adrian (Gonzalez)

I know everyone in Boston thinks Adrian Gonzalez is a gift from heaven (Does that make San Diego purgatory? I guess that makes us hell.lol) but while I like Adrian there is something he does that drives me absolutely insane. I know, How can anyone complain about Saint Adrian right? Ha sounds like they never met me.

I was sitting at the game today at Fenway park. I don’t remember the inning but Adrian hit the ball and then proceeded to WALK to first base. This isn’t the first time Adrian has walked after a hit he felt was going to be an out. Today he had a chance to be safe but we will never know if he could have been because he never put in the effort.

Is it that hard to run to first base? For heavens sake Babies can even run. I even found a program online that can teach you to run. Someone needs to enroll Adrian in this program A.S.A.P because I don’t know about you but I get a little cranky when I pay 60 dollars for a seat to a baseball game and the teams best player doesn’t feel like giving a 110 % effort.

You know who else was loved by Boston fans that didn’t feel the need to run out his hits? Manny Ramirez. God help us if we have another Manny on our hands.

If Adrian doesn’t feel like joining a program I found Marcus on youtube. Follow his lead Adrian. Follow his lead.



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6 responses to “Yo Adrian (Gonzalez)

  1. i saw. that. he did this silly jog thing. i even commented on it. blah.
    how was youkie?

  2. FireDannyAinge

    You made a great play right in front of my eyes. Okay it was more like 22 rows in front of my eyes but I clapped. Then I realized it was Youkilis and I stopped. Just kidding:)

    Adrian does this walking thing at every bat. It drives me nuts.

  3. I need to use my reporter powers to stalk Youkilis. True story, when I was in radio, just to test it, I started the process of getting a Sox interview. Because… why not, right? It’s how I got to interview Jimmy Carter. By asking. After two weeks, they said they could get me Lugo. I said, “No thanks.” True story.

  4. FireDannyAinge

    LMAO, Poor Lugo but seriously funny.

    I can hear your questions now.

    So Lugo, What’s it like to play with Kevin Youkilis.

    So Lugo, Can you get me Youkili’s number.

    So Lugo, Why do you suck and lets talk more about Kevin Youkilis.

  5. If Adrian really does have this nasty habit of not running, it will most definitely bite him in the butt. Have seen this with other guys over the years. He’ll get “called out” on it when he’s called out in a big-time spot and all the bobbleheads behind the desks will say…yes, that’s been a problem with him for YEARS.

  6. FireDannyAinge

    He hasn’t run since he got here. I noticed it early on in his time here. I wonder if he did it in SD?

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