When old men say stupid things.

Joe Madden is a moron. There isn’t even another word that describes him better then the word moron. Well a word that doesn’t involve a swear. I am linking you to toosoxy’s blog because she says it better then I ever could.

“My takeaway is that we can beat the Red Sox and they know it,” Maddon said. “My takeaway from the 1-0 loss to the Yankees (July 10) is that we can beat the Yankees, and they know it. We’re not going away. It’s just a temporary inconvenience right now.”

Why is it that you never here ANYONE else ever say things like this? This reminds me of my sister when she was ten. She used to lose to the neighbor girl at Monopoly. Then she ran around for the next 5 years saying ” I won. I’m the best. I beat you like all the rest” Only problem with this is SHE HAD LOST.

Madden 2008 was like 3 years ago. It’s time to move on. We have moved on. You win some. You lose some but you don’t act like it matters 3 years later. It’s great you got to the World Series but you lost.

That’s the difference between Tampa and Boston. Getting the series is good enough for Tampa but getting there isn’t good enough for Boston.
Enjoy 2008 Joe. We have plans to enjoy 2011:)



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2 responses to “When old men say stupid things.

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  2. Joe was just firing a shot across the bow begging the front office – through the media – to not blow up the team as they become less relevant in the AL East. Nice try, Joe.

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