Hope Solo and US Choke away World Cup.

The US Gives up two goals after the 81st minute and loses the World Cup in penalty kicks.

Hey Hope Solo, Briannna Scurry has a World Cup and a Gold medal. Guess what you have? NOTHING. Next time you should think before running your mouth.

I had no rooting interest in this sport. It’s soccer. No one gives a crap here in the US especially not during baseball season. If I don’t care about soccer after playing it a quarter of my life then why would the rest of the world care?

I don’t like cocky people and Hope Solo thinks she is better then she is. This is called karma.



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3 responses to “Hope Solo and US Choke away World Cup.

  1. agreed!!! about time someone called Hope Solo out. She had the nerve to belittle the ESPN reporter after the Brazil game because she thought the question was stupid. Kiss those endorsements goodbye.

  2. Just offered question on my blog as to why this team isn’t getting much heat for giving away the World Cup. Gruesome loss on the biggest stage in the sport but everybody seems to be like, “oh well.” WHY is that? Perhaps no one really cared to begin with…

  3. FireDannyAinge

    They were discussing that on the radio this morning. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said ” no one really cared”

    I can’t stand Hope Solo. (Chris) She is such a cocky jerk. Her losing is the only really good thing about them losing.

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