So how much do you get for selling your soul David Price?

If I was a Tampa Bay DEVIL Ray fan (HAHA, Tampa doesn’t have any fans) I would be pretty pissed about this.

I would question if my pitcher cared more about making money then the integrity of the game. I would wonder did he give up that hit on purpose because he knew the money it could bring in from idiotic Yankee fans willing to buy anything related to Derek Jeter. An alleged Yankee great? (really just a product of being a Yankee)

The one thing that still makes me hate Bill Buckner is his signing pictures of the ball going through his leg from the 1986 World Series.
It disgusts me that he would do this. That is why I will never forgive him for screwing up the 86 World series with a play any little leaguer could do correctly.

Price says he is over it in the article above. He also see’s nothing wrong with selling his soul for money. Nice.


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3 responses to “So how much do you get for selling your soul David Price?

  1. This is a really weird story. I had to read it twice to make sure I was really reading what I was reading. Will be interesting to see if there is any “fallout” from this. I think it is a topic worth pursuing a bit more than the national media seems to be doing. And that’s weird, because it has been Jeter 24/7 for a week now. Then again…maybe I just answered my own question…we’re all Jeter’d out…

  2. FireDannyAinge

    If I was yankee fan (hahaha umm no) I would be sick of Jeter.

    This is just crazy to me. At least Buckner waited ntil he was retired for years.

  3. i am interested in the bit about miller high life paying for the schmuck’s irs doings. i will never drink miller high life again.

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