What I wouldn’t do for Tim Thomas


Sit in a room with no air conditioning in 90 degree heat? Check. Watch stupid Justin Bieber? check. Listen to these idiot announcers talk about how wonderful Dirk is because for once he didn’t choke away a win? check. I am sure I will add more to this list as the ESPY’s go on.

I am only here with hope of seeing Tim Thomas win the hockey award but knowing ESPN they will hack that part of the show.

So for now I sit here and listen to my least favorite channel shove their hosts down my throat all night. The only saving grace will be Seth a Boston fan hosting the show.

15 minutes to go til this debacle starts.


Aaron Rogers just won best NFL player. Suck it Yankee hat wearing Tom Brady. If they don’t show this award on the air I doubt my Timmy will be shown, grrrr.

While I wait I do some research on who has won the ESPY’s before they happen and I come across this article about the Stanley cup visiting Lake Placid. Yep New York gets to see the cup but Boston doesn’t. Grrr

Tim Thomas the cat.

Timmy gives back. Yep you don’t hear about NBA players doing stuff like this. These kids seem so thrilled. It’s cute.


The Awards

Some singer I have never seen before. An annoying announcer.A montage of the year on Sports. Why are we celebrating the spoiled NBA players?
Derek Jeter, gag me. Some no hitters. UCONN, Bye Kansas haha, soccer goal from the otehr day, The Masters. The death of many. Robert Tracter Traylor, Bud Greenspan, Bobby Thomson, Pat Burns, Dom Meredith, Duke Snieder and more.

The Giants win the World series, MY Boston Bruins and more.


I will give Dirk some credit for the look on his face when Seth made fun of the Heat. No such credit to Tyson Chandler.

The joke about the Nets not being there was funny. So was the Dodger joke. (Proceeds of tonight’s award show going to the Dodgers) The rest of this is lame. At least he mentioned Timmy if only for a brief moment.

Hey a Matt Cassel commercial.lol


Awards. Best breakthrough performance. I voted for Blake Griffith and he won. I am one for one:)

Best Championship performance. I voted for Timmy Thomas of course. The winner is? TIM THOMAS!!!!! YES! (Funny joke by Ryan Reynolds pretending Tim Thomas didn’t exist.lol)

He also won best NHL player. Yay. Aww he is so sweet. He thanked his team. Cheap clapping by Ray Allen. Ryan Reynolds congratulated Timmy. It looked sincere. Awww. This made my night. Plus now I can stop watching this crap woo whoo. Timmy actually beat out some big names like Serena Williams and Tim Lincecum.

Gross AmarME Stoudamire. Gag me.

Best upset. I think I voted for the College basketball VCU but I don’t remember. WAIT I did because they beat Kansas and I HATE Kansas. The winner is …. VCU. Heck I am four for four:)

Best male College athlete. I voted for Andy Miele or Jimmer Ferdette I think. I did not vote for Cam Newton.lol Or Kemba Walker. Or the lacrosse guy. The winner is….. Jimmer Ferdette

See Cam Newton. Cheaters never win. Nice outfit Brian.

Sorry there was a 15 minute thing on a guy in jail for a crime he didn’t commit but was convicted of twice for. He was told he could go free if he admitted he did it but he wouldn’t admit he did a crime he says he did not commit. The the innocence project is an amazing thing.


Best Male athlete. I voted for Aaron Rogers because I wanted someone that could beat stupid Dirk. The winner is…. Gross. Way to kill my perfect ballot Irk. That’s right I left the D off cuz he plays no defense. Only good thing Ainge ever did was make that comment.

The thought of Jason wife beater Kidd winning a title makes me ill.

I like Serena Williams but to even say a women that plays sports is sexy is stupid. It sets the world back ten years every time some bimbo makes a stupid comment like that. Yes I know calling a girl a bimbo sets us Back too but please. That was a stupid comment she made on TV.

Best female athlete. I voted for, Maya Moore. The winner is…. Lindsey Vonn. She’s an idiot. She wants a picture with Bieber. Are these athletes like on crack or something? What a ridiculous thing to say.

I know I have become annoyed by this award show so I have become critical but it’s ESPN and we know they suck.

This blog is ending for me at 11. I want to know who won best team but if I stay up to see the Mavericks which by the way have the most athletes from a team at this awards show I’ll be pissed.

After half of this Dirk camp thing I think I’ll be leaving before 11 pm.

Best game. I voted for Butler vs Pitt. The winner is…. Eagles beat those idiots from NY. Hey at least the idiots from NY lost:)

What Timmy said when he won

That;s it for me. I have work in the morning. Night all!


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  1. “Suck it Yankee hat wearing Tom Brady.” I am glad you are in my life. My hate for Tom Brady is like a broken floodgate.

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