I love Kevin Youkilis.

My best virtual friend Lauren AKA as Too Soxy is the future Mrs Kevin Youkilis. She loves him by default but I don’t judge. (She loved Varitek first until he got engaged to that baseball stalker with the Russian sounding last name)

So I love Kevin Youkilis too. I love how he defends the downtrodden like Derek Jeter. No one ever defends Jeter. He is like the most picked on baseball player of all time. Yet Kevin Youkilis defended him like every good Red Sox fan would do if they had the opportunity. You know how us here in Red Sox Nation love everything New York Yankee.

Kevin Youkilis thinks there isn’t a lot of time to spend with family during the whole 7 months of the year he has to work.
He has to be right since his little boy by fake marriage is still such an important part of his life. You remember the marriage that wasn’t really a marriage that ended in divorce last year or so. Oh sorry Lauren I know that is a sore subject with you.

So thanks Kevin for defending Jeter. We won’t forget that here in Boston.



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2 responses to “I love Kevin Youkilis.

  1. such snippiness! and we talked about it, and he was totally okay with you being the guest registrar at our wedding. i sure hope he doesn’t see this.

  2. FireDannyAinge

    What are you talking about. I praised him. I said how much I love him:)

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