Gonzalez fails first test as a Red Sox

Yep we don’t lose to Yankees. Adrian you FAILed your first test as a Red Sox but I can’t really blame you. It’s hard to best steroids personified, Robinson Cano. That guy is on something.

So I forgive you. Well I will forgive you when you kick the Yankees butts for the next 8 years.

P.S.- David Ortiz I thought you were smarter then that. Using a Yankee’s dad to throw you the ball during the homerun derby? You should have known better then that. Come on Ortiz.



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4 responses to “ADRIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. “Should have known better.” Perfect blend of message and music. I of course boycotted the event because of my Chris Berman allergies.

  2. It’s okay. It’s not like he lost to an ORIOLE. Bah. Stupid birds.

  3. FireDannyAinge

    You would get along with my mother Bruce. She spent last night saying “will he shut up already?” yes sporting events with my parents, NEVER again.

    True, true Soxy. True, true.

  4. Shout out to FDA’s mom for wishing Chris Berman would…shut…up!

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