Celebrities? Famous for what again?

I of course recognized the baseball players. Our very own Free Lynn. Luiz Gonzalez (Yankee world series killer), Ozzie Smith, Rickey Henderson, but the name of the softball event was “The celebrity softball game” and I have no clue who any of these people are. Even after looking at the names I still have no clue. Here is what I thought before reading the names

This fat guy? (Picture 23) Never seen him before in my life. Is he a wrestler? One of those clown things used to stop the bulls from killing people during a rodeo?

Then we have the bleached blond. (Picture 2) Has to be a brain dead model because anyone that pretty surely can not be using their brain as a job. The Yankee hat was a dead give away. She obviously doesn’t think for a living.

Picture six NO CLUE. Have never seen him in my life. A Mets fan? Let me rephrase that. A Mets fan that admits to being a Mets fan? Brave.

Number 13. A funny looking kid. This has to be Justin Bieber. A kid from Canada that wears a Yankee hat is what we call a front running loser.

Picture number 22? Yep clueless again. This guy has to be the guy that recently won that hot dog competition.

So how did I do? After looking at the names I recognized one. The Bieber kid is a Jonas brother. I have no clue exactly what one is but I at least heard of the group.

They should re-name this thing the D celebrity all star game.

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  1. Grade this “Celeb” Event an “F!”

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