NBA players are clueless

Read this article.
Then please explain to me how agreeing to give back less than 3% seems logical to you? That might be a lot if you make 10 dollars an hour but if you make 5 plus million a year your less than 3% is more than I’ll make in my life time. Oh sorry I know playing basketball for 82 games a year is tough work, rolling eyes. Try coming to my work and dealing with the rich, spoiled, self entitled, rich people I have to deal with. Hey that reminds me of you NBA PLAYERS!

I have avoided talking about this lockout even though I have started 5 blogs on the subject because I just want to throw my computer across the TV every time I hear some idiot like Kevin Garnett try and debate that the NBA is not out of control.

The comments by the players in this article is a travesty. Every single hard-working American that has ever attended an NBA game should boycott this sport, period. If you go to another NBA game then you only have yourself to blame for supporting these ignorant, out of control ego maniacs.

Don’t get me wrong I am not on the owners side either. You people are billionaires. You charge 100 dollars for a seat to a game. You charge 7, 8 even 9 dollars for a beer. 12 dollars for 5 chicken fingers. You get 45 dollars for a shirt.

If you have a team losing money then that owner should not own a team.

The only side of yours I am on is that employees owning 57% of any company makes no sense.

The NHL idea is not a bad one in my opinion but only if the fans get something out of it. Hockey players don’t make as much as NBA players but you still have to pay 100 bucks for a seat if you want to be able to see the players on the ice. Granted not as many people follow hockey as the NBA.

Okay NBA here is what I would do if I was in charge.

Here’s the deal spoiled asshole KG’s of the world. You either take it or leave it.

The NBA as you know it is over. Welcome to my NBA.

Everyone starts over. There are no more guaranteed contracts. You don’t play you don’t get paid. Hurt players do not come off the books just so you can add another A: type player.

You get to keep your own players but their current contract is voided. Kobe Bryant, you no longer make 20 million a year. You now make 8 and if you don’t like it enjoy playing in Europe.

That being said if a team has more then 2 A: Type free agents that player has to be let go. They will be considered a free agent that can sign with any other team they like. EXAMPLE, Chris Bosh is not a type A: free agent. He is a type B:. He would not have to be let go.

The only real type A: players are ones like Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, KG, Kevin Durant, Dwayne Wade etc… I’ll have to think more on this idea because who we label a type A: player might be difficult. I only like this idea because it creates parity in the league if you are only allowed 2 type A: players.

The most any player can make is 8 million a year. We have a hard cap of
28 million for your starting line up. (That gives you enough for two stars making 8 million and 3 middle players making 4 million a year.

(Total that is 16 million plus 12 million = 28 million)

You then are allowed to sign 7 more players at any amount of money under 3 million dollars a person. They cannot be a player labeled an A: Player. That would add parity to the NBA. Kind of like in the MLB you cannot sign two A type free agent. Only difference is the NBA is NOT allowed to make exceptions for the Yankees like baseball does.

Rookie contracts are free. You are allowed one first rounder a year and one second rounder. These contracts will be set pretty much like they are already but they don’t count against your salary cap. These two players are however part of your total 12 guys. Their salary will not be in the millions. I have not set a standard yet but say it would be something like the top 3 get 150 thousand times 3 years. 4-8 gets less and so on.

A contract in MY NBA cannot be more then 5 years. Only a type A free agent can sign a 5 year deal.

If you re-sign with your team after your original contract you can make up to 2 million more for each year that will not count against the salary cap. (Say Kobe got a 5 year, 8 million a year contract that expired this year, He can now sign up to another 5 year deal making 9 million a year instead of 8 million and that extra 1 million would not count against the salary cap because he re-signed with his own team. This pay scale goes up with every type A: player.

If Kobe choose to sign with the Oklahoma City instead of the Lakers he would lose money and only be able to sign a 3 year deal making 4 million a year, up to 3 years. He could not sign with the Heat because they already have two type A: players on their roster) He would still be considered a type A: player and would count as 8 million against the cap even though he is making 4 million. That is what he gets for switching teams.

The rest of the NBA would follow suit. I’ll figure that out someday:)

The owners :

You now are forced to lower your tickets accordingly. If a top player can only make 8 million a year and the most your staring line up can make is 28 million then tickets should only cost 20.00 for the best seats. Food however is up to you. Knock yourself out.

MY NBA is so much more fun then the real one:)


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4 responses to “NBA players are clueless

  1. Gold. I love the concept, especially the ‘disloyalty’ penalty. Sick of hearing from players in all sports who leave their team because ‘they want to win championships’. Here’s an idea guys, work for your pay and win one for the team and fans you’re with. Too chicken to stick it out? Take a pay cut and get lost.

  2. You gave a lot of thought to this and I only hope both sides are doing the same. On one hand, the current business model needs a do-over…on the other hand…how did we get to this place in the first place? I think a lot of what you have here has merit because it shows thinking outside the box. I think this is an instance where this kind of hard reality has to be faced…but I keep wondering how owners publicly seem to be such hard-liners when they made all the prior deals to push the business “out” to where it is now. Labor has to deal with reality, which obviously wasn’t what the prior deals were set within. Your NBA does sound fun.

  3. here’s something irrelevant that will TOTALLY make you feel better:
    I found you a t-shirt!

  4. FireDannyAinge

    A Timmy shirt. I like it.

    You other two thanks for the comments.

    I need more for my NBA but this was a start.

    Longworth, That was my favorite part too about the disloyalty penalty. I like the idea of a player still counting as 8 against the cap even if they make 4. It would stop playing from switching teams. Or owners would have to take a hard look at signing a player.

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