ESPY Awards. Vote for Tim Thomas

Here is the award voting link.

DO NOT vote for Ray Allen. Celtics are evil. Remember that. I will not be voting for Tom Brady, Yankee hat wearing idiot but you can vote for him if you like.


Vote the Boston Bruins for best team. We are Boston. We own voting. Hockey fans are lazy so we must vote for them like we did for the Sox in 04.

Best Championship performance.

Tim Thomas Boston Bruins!!!!!!!.


Best Team

Boston Bruins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Best Coach

Jim Calhoun, CT basKetball (He’s a Red Sox fan)


Best NHL Player

TIM THOMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!




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4 responses to “ESPY Awards. Vote for Tim Thomas

  1. Don’t tell people it’s okay to vote for Tom Brady! It’s not okay! Yankees hats! Flippy hair! Yankees hats!

  2. FireDannyAinge

    Okay with me NO ONE vote for Brady. Done.

  3. Yeah. So. Really. If you want to write a guest column, I would be so okay with that this weekend. With fourth of july crap cupcakes at work Saturday and Sunday, I am going to be in another work coma. And you need an outlet… think about it…

  4. FireDannyAinge

    I would love to but I don’t work well under pressure. If I had to come up with an blog out of the blue I would panic, freak out and not get it done.

    Plus I am a bit mean and with the Sox losing I don’t think many people would like what I have to

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