George Kottaras is alive!!!!

Who knew George was alive? He was here and then gone. I had no clue he still existed in MLB. I wish he played last night. Girl moment here but the boy was cute. He always seemed to be the catcher at my games. Poof then he was gone.

Sox fans might have a rooting interest in Vanderbilts College baseball team and the College world series. There is a very important last name on the team. You can click the link to find out who. I believe it’s a grandson. The cloolist last name ever.

Here is his team page. He’s a Jacoby fan, awww:) and he has a familiar nick name.

Here he is with his famous Grandpa. awww

Here is his father NOT his Grandfather
RIP Mike. Ignore the team he played for. A non sports fan would be so confused.

Someone tell Jon Lester he isn’t supposed to be John Lackey.



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3 responses to “George Kottaras is alive!!!!

    So. Um. I think this game was my fault. I’m. Um. Sorry.
    Please do not blame Jon Lester.
    I take full responsibility.

  2. One of my best friends growing up was a huge Red Sox fan and loved Yaz. His favorite player. Etched in my mind is the day he got that year’s Yaz baseball card by chance out of a random pack of cards bought at a local store…and the pseudo-stick of alleged gum was not touching it, making it even more valuable…

  3. FireDannyAinge

    Yaz was my favorite player growing up too. Then I didn’t have a fave player unti Derek Lowe. Big gap there in

    I was going to make Yastrzemski my stage name (last name) if I ever became famous. It never happened.

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