Suck it Celtics and other random things.

First I would like to say that the Celtics can suck it. That’s right. Welcome to 4th place baby. You have dropped from the 3rd favorite team in Boston to the forth thanks to the Boston Bruins winning the Stanley Cup Finals last night.

Read it and weep ba-bay because the Bruins out rated your ass BIG time. That means you now fall behind the Red Sox, Patriots and Bruins when it comes to anyone giving a shit about you. Bought title or not.

Take that Wyc Grousbeck and Danny Ainge. You can suck it. Suck, suck, suck it.

I thought about starting this blog with the words, Where’s my pay backs a bitch? but I like this title better.

Don’t fret fans of the ugly red headed step childs team (That is Danny Ainge for people like Toosoxy who has no clue who Danny Ainge is. Ahh the lucky ones) I have had to sit through clips of your “title” and parade today several times. Something I have avoided seeing for the last 3 years. I’ll bite the bullet (if I can’t pick up the remote quick enough) and look at your ugly ass because that is how much I love Tim Thomas and the Bruins. Boo ya


Good news Sports Attitude. I have not listened to “jar of hearts” since game 2 when the fuCanuck scored that game winning goal while youtube was playing the song so I can now un, un-retire it and listen to it again. I am doing that right now:)


I have not really bitched about the Mavericks winning the biggest joke of a title much on this blog due to other interests (namely the 2011 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins, Thank you very much) but I did forget one thing. As much as I hate on Dirk the jerk, Jason Kidd the wife beater and players peeing in public I did forget that the best looking man in the NBA right now (only good looking man actually since Wally Scszerbiak (spelled wrong) retired or became a Celtic. Which ever came first) is that Tyson Chandler won a title. I love Tyson. Can’t help it I just do even with that ugly NBA fixed uniform on. He made a funny at the parade today (the only clip I actually watched) something about winning 5 or 6 or 7 more titles. Ahh kids these days. Mocking Lebron is the norm. I can also be happy for Shawn Marion.

I realize that sentence was a grammar police’s nightmare so if anyone would like to re-write it so it makes more sense. Knock yourself out.

Looks like I spoke to soon. There is one uniform I would NEVER root for Tyson Chandler if he was wearing. Suck it Celtics.


Lets see what else?

I hate Casey Kotchman and his ugly ass home run.

I will be at the red sox game tomorrow night HOPEFULLY the Bruins will be there with their Stanley Cup.

The Bruins were running around Boston with the cup today. It was too cute. Zdeno Chara is just adorable. He loves that cup. He has been all smiles.

Thanks to Sports Illustrated for waiting until we had the cup to put the Bruins on the cover. Tim Thomas will be the cover boy.


Leave it to Papelbon to try and ruin the mood in Boston.


For those asking YES Youkilis’s homerun came almost at the exact same time as the Bruins scored their goal. Sportscenter showed it.


This almost made me feel sorry for the Canucks fans. Then I thought of Horton’s head bouncing off the ice and the Canucks fans acting like it was nothing and then I don’t feel so bad.


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  1. The depth of your hatred for the Celtics knoweth no limitations, eh FDA? Glad to hear you have “Jar Of Hearts” out of retirement and back in heavy rotation. I know how much you enjoy it.

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