Game 7 is here

So game 7 is finally here. I have been blogging all day and you can read that here

I started at 11 am this morning and did this through 8 pm tonight so please check out the inspirational song of the hour. Find out why Mike Milbury is Isiah Thomas and learn which Bruins player put what on the ice in front of the Bruins bench for good luck.

This blog will be taking place during the game. If it all of a sudden goes quiet you will know why. I have nothing left after 2 months of hockey playoffs. My nerves are shot. I cannot even sit still.


I’ll be watching burn notice til the game starts. NBC hockey guys suck and they can bite me:)

You want to know how freaked out I am about this game? I forgot the Red Sox were on. It’s the 5th inning. OMG I have lost it.

Fi is mad at Michael because he had a fiance he didn’t tell her about (ex fiance) Did I mention the guy that stars on Burn Notice is a Red Sox fan? That must make him a Bruins fan too. GO BRUINS! Jeffrey Donovan is from Amesbury, Mass.

8 minutes til hockey.


Really bruins. One shot on goal? sigh


GOAL b y Bergeron. Come on Bruins SCORE MORE. First goal is great. So far that first goal has won every game but we need more goals. Please Bruins MORE goals. Like right now. Chase Luongo out of this game. I beg of you.

At almost the same time Youkilis hits a 3 run homerun. Good job Youk.

End of first period Bruins 1 other team 0. Do you ever feel like you are coming out of your skin? That is how I feel right now.


None Cup related the Angels released Scott Kazmir. I knew he wasn’t great for them but I didn’t see this coming. Why cut a guy you still owe 14 million? Anyone know the angle (not to be confused with angel) on this?


Still here. Physically if not mentally. I am trying to fall alseep. Then I can wake up when its over.

Chara just made a great save. I didn’t see it. I can’t watch this. Too invested but thanks Chara.

Why can’t we just score another goal or 2 or 3 of 4 of 8 or 20 like that guy on the news said he wanted??/ Huh huh?

Sox won. That is good news. Good news for the Bruins too.

MARCHAND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 2-0 Now keep scoring Bruins KEEP SCORING. There is a lot of game left.


The game was taking too long to upload so I looked and now we have a penalty against us. Grr. OKAY BRUINS! You have a great PK (Penalty kill) you can do this.

BERGERON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3-0 OMG

HE NEVER TOUCHED THAT PUCK. That better be a goal.

It’s a goal. Yes. These announcers suck. They seriously make shit up and freak everyone out. I can’t take this.

Stay AGgresive Bruins. STAY AGGRESSIVE

Second period is over. Bruins lead 3-0. 20 minute break. 20 minute period. PLEASE stay aggressive Bruins. Do not get lax. Score more goals, play defense and help Timmy win this thing. DO IT FOR HORTON!


Third period just started. Still coming out of my skin.


Longest twenty minutes of my life is the senses here in Bean

I can’t stand Luongo. NO ONE picks on Timmy and gets away with it but if the Canucks lose this game he is not the only reason. The lack of leading regular season scoring is a big reason why if this games end in a loss for the Canucks it isn’t just his fault. End of sticking up for that man.

Could you quicken this game up please. I can’t wait 15 plus minutes.

COME ON BRUINS, Score on this Power play.

Cheap shots the Canucks way of doing things.



4 MINUTES and 41 seconds

Hockey becomes a lot easier to deal with when you are up 3 goals with 4 minutes left. Breathing!

BRUINS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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