Scary Blogging

Yep it’s game 6. The trash talking will start again on the ice instead of in the media. There’s my Timmy.

Why the hell are there Canuck fans in our crowd??

Shawn Thornton seems

I think I am going to throw up.

COME ON BRUINS! Don’t let them celebrate on our ice.

The Canuck goes down. Get up Raymond.

WOW, The crowd is REALLY in this game.



4 ON 4 makes me ill. Hockey is killing me.

Dear Bruins LIFT THE PUCK. Put the puck over Luongo’s leg.

Flawed some what? 12 goals given up and you say somewhat flawed IN Boston?

These announcers suck.

Come on Bruins. Control that puck.


See I told you. Pick up the puck. Over Luongo’s legs.


I seriously love you.


DON’T LET UP BRUINS. Be aggressive. You have to score on this guy 10 times. DO NOT LET UP

OMG Don’t pass the puck to the Canuck? COME ON GUYS!

Wow the announcer actually called out a Canuck? shocking.

Power play. COME ON BRUINS. Edler never even tried to play the puck. Wow. Cancusk CHEAT.

OMG why doesn’t anyone listen to me LIFT THE PUCK. OVer Luongo’s legs.

Luongo’s being pulled.


Is it mean to laugh at Luongo being pulled because he is almost in tears???

MICHAEL RYDER I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG Bruins. KEEP IT UP. keep it up!


I still can’t breath. This is going to kill me. It has 2.5 more hours left? sheesh. Can’ we end this game early, like after the 1st period.

I LOVE YOU TIM THOMAS, Like serious love. Like my new love for Lucic.

Bruins 4, evil team 0. End of first. How many more goals do I need before I stop moving ion my seat? I can’t sit


Come on Bruins. Score some more goals.

No more goals. End of second. Still breathing like I am about to have a heart attack. 20 minute break then 20 minute period that lasts an hour then I can breath.

I know I was kind of quiet during that period but believe me I have not counted my chickens before they hatched yet.


OMG Who the hell is this dumbass announcer? We are winning and he is talking about how wondeful their goalie is. NBC SUCKS. First they ruin the Olympics and now they are killing hockey.

Sorry I forgot

I LOVE YOU KREJCI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These refs suck. Every time a Canuck goes after a Bruin the ref runs over to stop the Bruin who is doing nothing but standing there.

Now the announcer is talking up Vancouver AGAIN. Yep they are losing and he is talking about how they don’t care about this game because they can win at home in game 7. This is why no one watches hockey. It’s not the sport. It’s the stupid announcers annoying the hell out of everyone.

Speaking of which one of the verses Hockey guys was on the radio and he wouldn’t stop defending the Canucks actions during the interview. Of course Felger never said a word. He bitched about Luongo for an hour on my way home yet when he asked the announcer about the same things he defended the Canucks and Luongo and Felger never said a word.
He is such a wuss.

Fans are stupid. They showed the Canucks fans in Canada and when they saw the camera’s they all waved and laughed and were excited. OMG You losers . Your team is losing. I am not taking a jab at Canuck fans because frankly I find all fans act like this. It’s stupid. It kills me when the sox are losing and the fans are trying to do the wave. I just don’t get it.

SHUT UP ANNOUNCER. These guys are officially my least favorite announcers of all time. Move over Mcarver and Buck. These guys are worse then you.

105 left. This might take an hour.

Poor Timmy. 5-3 which is really 6 on 3 because they pulled the goalie. Wow that 10 seconds took 3


SEE YOU IN GAME 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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3 responses to “Scary Blogging

  1. We deserve this. We worked very hard, you and I.

  2. Congrats to FDA and TooSoxy are in order! Well done! Cup coming back to Boston in a couple of days (after a “short” trip out to Vancouver)…!

  3. FireDannyAinge

    I might not have put my time on the ice but I have so worked hard for this. I stopped using my word for the Canucks (You remember my word right? well I did not use it yesterday and I won’t use it unless we win or the alternative which I don’t want to think about.) I have tried being nice in my real life.

    This is only the second time in my lifetime I can honestly say I want to win this thing more for the guys on the team then myself. The other was 2004.

    Tim Thomas deserves a Stanley cup and he deserves it for this performance in 2011.

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