It’s Official. The Devil is in charge of sports

The obnoxious Dallas Mavericks are up ten with 6 minutes left in the 4th quarter. The NBA is 6 minutes away from fixing the NBA finals so the white guy can become a house hold name.

If you need anymore proof that the devil is in charge of sports here in the good old US of A (and Canada) then look no further then the Mavericks winning an NBA title.

Lebron left Cleveland. That doesn’t make him evil. Remember that article I posted a few weeks ago about the NBA wanting Lebron to fail because that is why ratings were up? Well there you go.

The NBA does not want the Heat to win. They want them to get to the finals and lose. That is why people are watching and David Stern is going to make sure that is exactly what happens.

Then we have the Canucks. They bite. They cheat, They injure and yet they win.

We’re doomed Bruins. Doomed.


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3 responses to “It’s Official. The Devil is in charge of sports

  1. LeBron seems to think God is in charge of sports, which if true would mean if the Bruins lose then God does not like them. You don’t think any Boston Bruin fans did anything to anger God, do you? There’s going to be a nail-biting, finger-biting Game 7…deal with it, FDA. Make peace with God…now!

  2. if they devil was in charge of sports, joe torre would be our manager.
    and joshua jackson would play for the bruins because the devil loves “the mighty ducks” trilogy.
    and the rangers would win.
    and maxim lapierre would be president.
    and alex rodriguez would be your senator.
    and puppies wouldn’t exist. no puppy bowl. imagine. no puppy bowl!

  3. FireDannyAinge

    Joe Torre is in charge of fights on the field and he suspended Papelbon for 3 games. That is almost as bad as him being our manager.

    A-rod existing pretty much proves me right:)

    Pacey, aww I liked Pacey.

    Dear SportsAttitude,

    I think you are trying to tell me it is my fault if the Bruins lose because I blamed God but that ship sailed years ago. In 2008 actually because the minute God let Danny Ainge win a title (by default thanks for nothing Kevin Mchale) it pretty much soured me on ever believing in anything again.

    I will always appreciate the 2004 Red Sox world series and God’s part in finally letting us win but I have lost all faith.

    Now lets say I make this peace you speak of and the Bruins lose. WWTDD (what will the devil do)

    I am leaving tonight up to the Bruins. They have their fate in their own hands. If God/the Devil want evil to win then I can’t do anything to change their minds.

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