Sox-Ins. Big game 5 tonight

I stole this article from Toosoxy because she is so much more clever then I am.

First is the mean NHL telling the Bruins players not to wear Sox hats during interviews. Well NHL a company in the USA. This is AMERICA. If Shawn Thornton wants to wear a red sox hat HE CAN.

Another thing I had to steal from Toosoxy was this Disney video of the blame Canada song. This is Classic.

Biased ESPN has fuCanucks on their front page of course.

I don’t remember if I complained about this yet or not but did you hear about the Canadians calling a bar here in Boston and harassing them for not allowing fuCanucks in? NEWSFLASH CANADA, America is the land of the free and the home of the brave (you wouldn’t understand what that means) we don’t want you here so leave. If I owned a bar I wouldn’t let you in either.

You can change the names of Boston bakery’s and bars IN fuCanada but we can’t not let you in? Give me a break.

The Sox are in Canada tonight winning 4-1. I am off to watch baseball on the TV, Veronica Mars on hulu and listen to hockey on the radio. Yep I am a multy tasker.


Sox still winning 4-1 and the Bruins and other team tied at 0. This game reminds me of game 1. I hope the ending is better.

The fuCanucks are being more physical. They have 23 hits to our 13. That is not good but we have 12 shots on goal and they only have 6 so we are playing better defense and being more aggressive.

They have one twice as many face offs as we have (plus 1) and one of these days I will learn what a SOG is. I just realized it must be shots on goal. Duh FDA.

They are still playing dirty.

Alex Burrows: 2 Minutes for Unsportsmanlike Conduct of Milan Lucic

We have one penalty and they have 4. This Burrows guy needs to be taken out.

I can’t take this anymore. My heart is jumping out of my body into the streets.

More cheating from the fuCanucks.

Ryan Kesler: 2 Minutes for Goalkeeper Interference Tim Thomas

Seems to me this should be more then two minutes. At least I missed it.
Sox still winning.


Through two and still no score. COME ON BRUINS! We need this win tonight. Someone needs to score.

Sox winning 5-1 against Toronto. How much do we all love this Gonzo character? I know I am falling in love. Not love love but Lucic like love. Sigh. This hockey is killing me.

Bases loaded after an intentional walk to Papi.

Lowrie strikes out. Inning over. Onto the ninth.

Sox win. Bruins about to start the third.


Hockey has started. The ice is new. What should I do to pass the time?

Season 1 of Veronica Mars is not on hulu so I bought it last night. It will take a week which means I have only boring AKA no Veronica and Logan together episodes left to watch.

I need to pee I could do that:)

I love Carmona when we aren’t playing against him. He hit Texiera tonight. A few years ago he pulled this crap on us. I don’t actually love him actually. He’s a punk.


Shit fuCanucks just scored. What a waste.

I quit. I need to find something else to do.

Bye blog.


COME ON BRUINS FIGHT! Don’t you remember what they did to Horton. Are you seriously going to let it go down like this?

I hate when Karma refuses to do it’s job.


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2 responses to “Sox-Ins. Big game 5 tonight

  1. i am very upset. and i hate maxim lapierre. i mean, i am full of hate. it is more than my facebook status. it is my life status. my life status says, “i hate you, maxim lapierre.”
    i am going to make a t-shirt. right. now.

  2. FireDannyAinge

    There are so many things I hate right now. I am sleeping til 4 pm tomorrow night.

    The next freaking game isn’t until Monday night. Are they kidding me. I can’t wait that long.

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