I don’t think so John Lackey

Do you really want to start sucking right now John Lackey? My Stanley Cup hopes all but a memory and I am going to need someone to blame. Guess who that is going to be John Lackey. Guess who that is going to be?


You know you are on a roll when Jason Varitek is hitting.


You see that Bruins. This is how you score goals against Canadians. Homeruns are like goals.

Papi homers. 12-2


Remember what I told you Lackey. You don’t want to be my wrath. You better pray the Bruins comeback and win the next two games or I am making you my personal vendetta.


Ha John Lackey is scared of me. Maybe I should threaten the Bruins next. It seems to be working.


So I guess he isn’t scared of me after all. A home run Lackey. Breathing for now. 13-4


16-4 in the 9th. 2 outs and Bowden is pitching. Make that two outs.


8 game winning streak if we win this game. That scares me. 8 games on our way to Tampa. Yikes.


We win. 8 game winning streak. Best record in baseball baby.


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One response to “I don’t think so John Lackey

  1. Red Sox are rolling. Now that basketball and hockey are almost ever, time for me to start waxing about the Phillies. If only the Phils had 1/4th of the Red Sox offense…

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