OMG Tim Thomas is the best goalie EVER

bull shit (Not you Timmy. You rock)

They are seriously on Marchands’s case. HE WAS COMING AFTER MARCHAND. Marchand has a right to defend himself.

These announcers SUCK.
The Canucks fans are getting kicked out right behind the glass.

When our player did a cart-wheel and almost landed on his head the dumbass announcer said it was our fault. Now this?

Oh go to hell announcers GO TO HELL


Tim Thomas is AWESOME! I am telling you this man is the best thing to happen in Boston since David Ortiz.

When he hit Burrows with that stick I nearly fell of my chair laughing.
STANDING OVATION in my bedroom.

I don’t even want to hear that he hit him. Burrows hit him first and for once I will give Versus credit for going back and getting the whole play on tape instead of whining about Tim hitting him. One of the announcers made a point to say “we don’t know what happened before that” but the other idiot announcer wouldn’t shut up.

Oh I hope we play this way in fuCanada. I hope the giant has been awakened.

We need to keep this up ON THE ROAD.

I want it noted now that Tim Thomas has been my favorite for years. I have always defended him. So bandwagon fans beware. I will always love him (figuratively) win or lose this series. He is the reason we are this far.


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