Shut up Giradri

Mean FDA is at it again. I get mean during Finals I have an emotional interest in and this is another case of me getting pissy. Not that I don’t get pissy when it comes to the evil empire but this time I think I have a point.

David Ortiz hit a homerun and he flipped his bat. Girardi whined about it and now I have to go all nervous Bruins fan with season on the line beat down on his ass because of it.

Umm HELLO Girardi, Derek Jeter and A-fraud give fist pumps after getting hits in the first inning against the Red Sox. Acting like they won the World series. Cano acts like that every time he gets a hit so for you to be whining about this is hilarious hypocrisy.

Here is another laugh this same idiot pitcher tried to throw at Ortiz an inning earlier, something YOU Girardi told him to do so if he made the poor little baby feel bad then too damn bad. Don’t put a child on the mound to play a man’s game if he can’t handle it.

You’re a hypocrite and I am done:)


Sox draft a cheater.

Apparently this kid lied about his age. Must be a NY thing (remember that little leaguer from NY a few years back that won the little league world series)

He better be able to play:)


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