The NHL is a joke. So is Joe Torre

Whoever decides the punishments needs to be fired. To think they picked on on Greg’s dad deciding these things despite the fact he didn’t make the decisions on Bruins related issues and now we get this?

The dumbass has been suspended. How nice. The third stringer vs the game changer. The Bruins get screwed on this. We lose the guy that has saved out butts 3 times that I remember off-hand and the fuCanucks lose a bench warmer.

The thing I am most angry at is this new thing where if the Bruins put their fingers in front of any Canucks faces we get a penalty. REALLY? They actually bite us. They mock us in-game 2. Apparently on NBC one of the Satin twins introduced Burrows as the vegetarian as a mock but if we mock them after being tortured by them for 3 days WE GET A PENALTY?

Are you serious?

Maybe the NHL should learn to do their job instead of trying to fix this series for Canada. If they had suspended Burrows in the first place instead of making some bull shit excuse about having no evidence he bit him even though we all saw it on TV none of yesterday would have happened.

I was over the Horton thing because he is fine. He may be out but a lot of my reaction last night was due to being scared he could be crippled or worse. But to hear about the finger thing has just put me over the edge.

I hope the Bruins start playing the way they played last night. Game 4 is a must win. PERIOD


Joe Torre is a Yankee. I don’t care if he isn’t one now. He was one and he will always be one.

Him having a job where he makes decisions about the Yankees or Red Sox makes Major League Baseball as big of a joke as the NHL is.

Papelbon is suspended 3 games just in time for the Red Sox series vs the Yankees. Guess who made that ruling? You guessed it Joe Torre. Right in time to help his team.

I am so sick of the cheating going on in every league. David Stern does it. Bug Selig does it. Don’t even get me started on the NFL.

They don’t even care. They just do what they want.



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6 responses to “The NHL is a joke. So is Joe Torre

  1. it’s okay. winning amidst diversity is radically awesome.

  2. or adversity. you know. whichever makes sense.

  3. FireDannyAinge

    Winning is the key. We must win like we did tonight.

  4. The whole biting incident and its subsequent handling by both the league and the two teams involved (the Bruins have shown some issues too stooping to the Canucks’ level) have once more ensured hockey will remain “minor” in many general sports fans’ eyes. All the highlights are people pointing fingers at each other. Beautiful PR. As for the Rome suspension, I think now the refs will have huge pressure on them to protect anyone who has just given up the puck. It will be interesting to see how the players react to this as well. The hit was vicious and Horton long beforehand had given the puck away.
    Glad he will be fine. Still wondering why he wasn’t looking straight ahead and admiring his pass like Bryce Harper hitting a home run…and I CAN’T WAIT until that guy gets to the big leagues. Bryce, keep looking straight ahead…(did you see that knucklehead on his home run trot the other night?)

  5. FireDannyAinge

    If the league had taken care of Burrows the issue would have been over with but to come out and say they had no proof he bit him was a joke.

    For one of the Satan twins to introduce him as a veggie was IMO what made the Bruins fight back.

    The Bruins are mad and they should be. Sorry but if we started acting like them after two games of this shit too bad. Pay backs a bitch.

    The Bruins have sat back too much in this series and let things happen. Now its time to win;.

  6. FireDannyAinge

    Poor Bryce. He is going to be thrown at every night if he keeps this

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