What is it going to take Bruins?

What’s it going to take Bruins? Are they going to have to kill one of you for you to do something?
Bruins. OMG
How is that NOT a blind hit. OMG My heart is in my stomach his head hit the ice first. He wasn’t even looking when that dumbass went right for his neck. He was moving his arms which is a good thing.

It’s a good thing the Bruins couldn’t see that replay or all hell should break lose. I am done being nice I want a head.

5 minute penalty.

Lets get this straight/. This was not a fucking collision. This was head hunting. He lowered his shoulder and hit him directly in the neck.


Horton is moving all body parts and is now at the hospital.

As much as I want to forget about this stupid game I am now just livid and want pay back. It’s time for the Bruins to watch that video of Horton going down and take revenge. If this was baseball Pedro would have already been kicked out of the game for throwing at two guys heads. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, Just fight. We look dead out there. If we can’t get up for this we might as well just forfeit. Just hand the Stanley Cup to the fuCanucks now and not even bother finishing the game. Oh I can’t wait for excuses we are going to hear after this ga me. Not from the Bruins but from the Canucks and I can hear the Canadians too.

I better stop.

Ference scored. 1-0 Bruins now we better not die. 11 seconds into period 2. 11 seconds sounds familiar. Now pull some revenge and score some more damn goals. BEST part besides the goal was the Tim Wakefield reference. Like a knuckle ball.

ESPN has reported that this is Rome’s 4th time doing this, second time this playoffs. Nice I wonder if he will get a free pass too like his friend jaws.

From the ESPN chat,

Pierre LeBrun:
From an NHL GM via text to me: “Definite suspension for me _ Horton never had puck , totally defenseless.”

Thta is just an opinion mind you. Not mine the ESPN guy.

Honestly I don’t see us winning this whole thing without Horton saving the day. I hope he is okay.

Peverley scored. 2-0 Bruins. I hope they continue to fight.

recchi is getting credit for Peverrely’s goal. It went off some fuCanucks stick.

We just surived a Power play. Thanks PK:)

Marchand scores 3-0 That’s what I am talking about Bruins. Looks like they watched that video of Horton being beheaded.

BE AGGRESSIVE BRUINS. The more goals the better.


Standing O for Thornton.

Another killer PH needed (Penalty Killer) High sticking. Come on Bruins stay aggressive.

I have spelled aggressive 5 different ways this blog.lol Looks like I finally got it right now. Fixing those mistakes.lol

2nd period is over. Still a power play left when we start the third so the Bruins need to stay awake.

Watching TV with no sound is not fun. I hate Versus. Is that a 5-3 against the Bruins? Shiat.


Hey Logan is kissing some girl. that’s not Veronica. Sorry two things at once. I am multy tasking:)

Michael j Fox at a Bruins game? Standing Ovation? Are you people nuts. He’s from Canada. He isn’t rooting for us.

I LOVE YOU TIMMY THOMAS. He just totally took out a twin. AWESOME. That should be a penalty for us. NO touching the goalie but it won’t be.

TAKE THAT RADIO HATERS! Timmy says FuRadioPeeps.

Ten minute penalty for the fuCanuck. A twin. Ten minutes for a Bruin.
What a stupid rule. You are out on the game for ten minutes but it’s still 5 on 5? Lame.

Still thinking of you Horton. Please be okay.

Thornton just got kicked out for no reason. Kesler was going after Mcquaid and all he did was push him down. WHAT BULL SHIT. Funny watching Rask yell at the ref.

OMG Lucic just stuck his fingers near Burrows mouth. That is fucking CLASSIC.

Says the chat guy. This better not be.

scott burnside:
Looked liked someone took a chop at Thomas’s catching hand as he froze the puck on the netting.

LMAO I love Lucic. Seriously LOVE him.

SCORE! 5-0
Okay guys save some goals but thanks for waking up:)

Shit fuCanuck just scored a goal. Looks like we need another one.

What do you expect when you put half our team in the penalty box dumbass refs.

Recchi scores. 6-1 and the idiot announcer starts to praise how he didn’t show boat. You know like the fuCanucks show boatted.

God I hate National television. At least we didn’t get a Babe Ruth comment tonight form one of these idiot announcers.

7– 1. Chris Kelly scores!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuCanucks

They say that Luango has been known to choke when things go badly. ;Lets keep this up in game 4 guys. This vcannot be a one game thing. We need to do this AGAIN and again.

Oh fun we get a power play.lol Even we can’t blow a 6 game lead in 1.21 right?????:)

Michael Ryder for goal number 8!

Now this is a series. Great job guys. WIN IT FOR HORTY

Third star of the game: Mark Recchi

Second star of the game: Brad Marchand

First star of the game: Tim Thomas



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2 responses to “What is it going to take Bruins?

  1. Thomas should have gotten a penalty for his check outside the net. Then again, that’s part of the reason he should get first star of the game. Never mind. Nice job, B’s.

  2. FireDannyAinge

    No way Jose. He never left his crease. Boo ya.

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