Sox- ins again

As I sat through the marathon Red Sox game today calling everyone useless my heart was thinking of the Bruins.

There were no nerves on night one but night two I have a barrel full of nerves inside my belly and some of that can be linked to the idiot umpire at home plate during the Sox game.

I guess I should be happy we won this game but I am not. Wasting a 4 run lead in the 9th to a team that can’t hit is pathetic. The way that idiot umpire called the game in the 9th was down right stupid.

I hate to agree with Papelbon but he was right. After the idiot umpire called strikes , balls Papelbon blew up when he called a clear ball a strike. Hilarious that the player is bitching when the call went in his favor but he was right. The umpire made no sense.

Anyone else find it stupid that Joe Torre is in charge of on field disagreements with umpires? He should not be allowed to decide the fate of the Yankees or Red Sox. PERIOD. He is never going to give the Sox a fair shake and just like all these umpires from NY they will get everything in their favor.

Tek getting mad is something we never see. It is crazy to watch.


The Bruins are tied at 0 again in the first period. I need a drink.

I spoke too soon. fuCanada just went ahead.


This is crazy. It’s like there is some invisible something or other keeping the Bruins from scoring. The fuCanucks goalie is like the size of the goal and nothing goes through.

The Bruins are being very aggressive and something (say mean God as an example) is just making sure they can’t win this.

Yep I know who to blame. The man who shall remain nameless (hint he can’t read between these curvy things)

I LOVE YOU LUCIC:) Tied at one. Breathing. Still time to measure that damn goalie equipment and the goal itself.

Breathing again. RECCHI I LOVE YOU TOO!!!

I hate hockey. I might be back. I probably won’t be:(



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2 responses to “Sox- ins again

  1. I saw the highlights of the A’s-Red Sox game. What a circus atmosphere that had to be. I thought Papelbon was gonna put his glove in the umpire’s face, at which point the umpire would have had the choice to bite down or not…

  2. FireDannyAinge

    Papelbon had a point and believe me I love to hate that guy but this umpire was calling strikes balls and vice versa. The Tek fight was funnier to me because Tek never gets mad.

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