The US rules. FUCANADA

We might not rule at hockey but at least we didn’t call 911 last night when that dumbass “Canuck” tried to Mike Tyson our Bergeron.

The attitude of TDC (Those damn Canucks) sucks.
Karma sucks and God is in charge of karma. I won’t go as far as to say that you know who sucks but how can he continue to let the evil empire’s of the world rule the world and not put a stop to it???

I am waiting for an answer.

I am also waiting to find out why an off sides call wasn’t called by the guys that are supposed to you know, call the penalties?

They called everything under the sun for the first 40 minutes of the game but when it really mattered they sat on their whistles.

Perhaps I am as pissed as I am about this loss because it was a loss we didn’t actually lose on anything we did wrong. We lost it because a ref chose to not do his job.


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