Mean FDA blogs live Red Sox game

When I get nervous (it’s usually about sports. Nothing makes me this anxious unless it involves some sort of ball or puck or a beam) I get mean. I get really mean. I don’t even mean to get mean but I get mean.

Well I am about to get mean on Clay damn Buchholz.

You are a major league pitcher start acting like it. When you suck I usually say “Oh he’s young he is still learning” but the Bruins in a whole I am a whole Lotta PISSED and today I am taking it out on Mr 4 runs to the damn A’s who have scored only 5 runs in the last 4 games. Yep 5 runs in 4 games vs 4 runs in one inning.

I am SO done with teams not hitting anyone but us. This isn’t even me being mean. This is being a realist. Our pitching is overrated. It’s that simple. From the top (Lester and Beckett) to the bottom (John Lackey) you guys are not aces. NONE of you. I don’t care how low Beckett’s ERA is he always has a crappy inning that costs us the game. I am SICK OF IT!

I do get a kick out of how scared everyone is of Jacoby stealing a base. There he goes.

Maybe he should just steal every base because the hitting is anemic right now. Off to third he goes.

STEAL HOME come on Jacoby.

Oh well no steal but a run. I guess we will take them how we can get them.

Double for the big mouth (side smile for too soxy:)

Hit for Papi. Big mouth is run number 2.

end of inning, grrr

Mikey gets lucky in the 2nd. Thanks A’s 3rd baseball. COME ON SALTY!
Salty gets lucky in the 2nd. Thanks A’s catcher. Mikey scores.

I told you. It is better to be lucky than good. Sac fly, Mikey scores.


Pop up, Mikey catches it. 2 out.


PAPI ties the game. Off that wall. Good job Papi.
Lowrie drives in a Papi. 5-4 BOUT TIME


Now we are losing. I changed the channel. I can’t handle sports anymore so I am watching teenage drama. I give you Veronica Mars. I watched the first season and I guess some of the second and I think some of the third which was the last season. Right now I am watching season 3 episode, The bitch is back. I figured as a freaked out Sports fan right now and a person that just watched the red sox blow the lead this episode was appropriately labeled for me:) Only thing is I am a huge Veronica/ Logan fan and they are broken up in this episode.

Poor Logan he looks so sad. He just beat up Veronica’s new boyfriend Piz (dumb guy, equally dumb name) because he thinks he taped them having sex. This blog now has a PG rating for content.

I’ll be back to tell you more in a few minutes. Could be a Sox update or a Veronica Mars update you will just have to wait and see.

“It’s like you’re this giant dumbass pinata waiting for someone to beat the candy out of you” Veronica Mars to Logan’s roommate. Classic line.

Just then Youkilis gets a hit and two guys are on base. Isn’t it ironic that line would show up on hulu exactly when Youkilis is up at bat LMAO. That is exactly how I feel about him.

Veronica is on a mission to find out who originated the forwarding of her sex tape and she is doing it by process of elimination. A chain link backwards. Kind of like the Red Sox getting 2 men on base, then getting to outs and most likely leaving the two men on base. Backwards. Oh so that makes no sense but does it matter since the inning is now over and Crawford did exactly what I said. LEFT the 2 men on base.

P.S.- Veronica did not have sex with Piz. Someone faked the sex tape. Much like Carl Crawford just faked being a professional baseball player while at bat. A real pro would have gotten a hit and brought home the runs.

Why is it the commercials on hulu are perfect but the tv show jumps like crazy?

Tommy Hottovy. A triple double a guy is now in. In a game we are only losing by one run. Shiver me confused.

After Veronica broke into a house and stole a hard drive of her ex boyfriends fathers computer her father the acting sheriff was called to the house to figure out who stole the hard drive. As he was watching the neighbors video surveillance tape he saw his daughter. At this moment he looked like he was about to scream. I did the same when I looked at the TV and saw Bobby Jenks had come into the game. Is it not freaky how these two things parallel each other tonight.

Jenks gives up a double OMG and now he can’t find the plate. OMG does mean FDA have to start her mean blogging again? Then we get the guy out at third and Jenks is charged with a balk so he gets to stay Forget fuCanada I say FUrefs

Jenks gets a DP and Veronica gets in trouble by her dad. He knows it was her. She plays dumb. Her ex boyfriends father figures out it was Veronica and he is out to get her. They, the prosecuter and lawyer that work for the ex’s dad show up at the sheriff’s office while he is being interviewed and they accuse Veronica in front of the reporter. There goes Veronica’s dad’s re-election to office.

Veronica stole the hard drive and she has cracked the password. The mean guys are back with the judges order to see the surveillance tape of Veronica breaking into the house. Veronica has all the secrets of the secret club who made her sex tape then made it public and she plans to get revenge. Her friend points out not everyone on the list made that tape so Veronica only looks at the guy that did. In his tape he confesses about a murder his father did. I guess I left the secret society subject out and will fill you ion later when I have time.

Off the wall Adrian gets a double but will Veronica survive this mess?
Youkilis is now on base and David Papi Ortiz is up with 1 out. they discuss what they should do at the mound. Yankee style which means every damn player has to listen

Strike one to Papi. The Veronica Mars tape is paused so I can see the game but Logan is in the middle of apologizing to Veronica for beating up her wimpy boyfriend. 2-01 Ortiz. 3-1 Ortiz. Ball 4 bases loaded one out.

They re-show Ortiz’s home run (play of the week) from last week as Jed Lowrie is up at the plate. He has a Bruins beard. Well it looks like a Bruins beard. Foul, strike one. Ball one, Ball 2. Foul, strike 2. Pop up in shallow outfield 2 outs. Yep typical sox. Pitching change and I am back to Veronica Mars.

Logan see’s Veronica threatened by a punk with connections. He stands. He listens and when the guy finally walk away he goes and kicks his ass. Logan does not care if someone has connections or not he is going to protect the love of his life like the good TV character that he is.
I love Logan. He is A sweet boy. He is messed up thanks to his father the murderer but I love him just the same.

Carl Crawford is up. Will he end the inning or will he do what he gets paid for. Come on Crawford don’t make me angry. You won’t like me when I’m angry. Ball one. Ball 2. Strike one but that was low and outside. Amica does not agree with me which is how I know I am right. The Amica pitch zone sucks. Ball 3. Carl is up, strike 2. Same pitch as before but even more outside. Will Carl pull a Logan and kick the ass or will he wilt. HE GETS A HIT. 2 score. We take the lead. Drew wilts. Back to Veronica.



Salty gets a homerun. I am on to a new Veronica Mars. Logan is having dinner at Veronica’s house. This is a funny scene:)


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