Heat Choke, Dirk pulls a Pierce, Shaq retires and so much more

Someone searched my blog using these words as their guide. I know the feeling buddy I know the feeling. fuCanada (Do I need to explain how that word works???)

18.5 second left heart attack

Now back to the fun stuff.

The Miami Heat liked to have leads during the regular season. Big leads and they liked to give those leads up. Well they did their post season version of this last night.

I am actually glad this happened. I had an eerie feeling that the Gods of basketball were going to pull a 2006 on the world and have the Heat easily win the first two games only to have the evil Mavericks come back and win the next four of the series. The reverse of what happened in 06. That now cannot happen. They can still win four but the obnoxious Mavs fans don’t get to act like the somewhat annoying Heat fans acted back in 06. Self entitled bastards.

You guys remember Dirks “injury” well it sure didn’t bother him last night when he shot the game winner with his boo boo’d hand. Boo boo MY ASS. He is another liar and faker with an injury that doesn’t exist and the Miami Heat fell for it. Yep he pulled a Paul Pierce without the wheel chair.

Shaq retired and people will celebrate his career like he actually deserves the praise. Fact is Shaq spent more time not earning his money then he did earning his money. Taking off half the year when ever it suited him. You know like this season where he was “injured” so he could rest only to actually play two weeks before the season only to come back into the game and get injured for real. Yep that was Shaq.

My lasting memories of Shaq are as followed. His quote about the ‘Sacramento Queens” That was classic. Him having surgery during the season on an injury because he said he hurt it on the NBA’s time he was fixing it on their time too (yep team player that he is)
Then there is his blowing off the Orlando Magic to take the money and be a star in LA. His titles in LA and Miami (that title I thank you for Shaq) and last but not least this memory. Hey it might not have been for a title but I remember screaming in my living room at 1 am in the morning:)

Okay I know I am being tough on Shaq. He was a great center due mostly to his size and the refs inability to call a foul against him for standing in the paint for more then 3 seconds but I suppose in a few years LA fans will forget his time in evil green and reward him with a statue outside the Staples center. Right next to the Kobe statue.



Keep it up Timmy. Who the hell cares what the stupid Canucks like. Yep we are labeled as bad guys for wanting a guy that bit our guy suspended but they are whining about this? PATHETIC.


Today NESN showed Pedro’s vintage game against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays from 1999. The game where the stupid steroid using, under performing Devil Rays tried to kill Brian Daubach. Pedro pitched a one hitter and the entire crowd was rooting for him. This was Classic Pedro and this is when you could not help but love the guy. Thoese were the days.


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  1. A lot of folks rushed to praise Shaq. All I could recall was his pathetic appearance this season. It’s been awhile since he’s been relevant. He became relevant by being as wide as tall, initiating contact and then daring someone to call fouls all day long. He had a great soft touch around the basket but his “changing the game” was not for the game’s betterment. One of the all-time centers nonetheless, but I will always wonder if he could have been better than he was…didn’t think the work ethic was there whether or not he was doing the media stuff.

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