Thanks for nothing God

I made something in paint and God won’t let me get the html code to link it. That’s right God is bitter.

Here is my flickr account where God is being petty and won’t let me LINK THE DAMN PICTURE.

That’s right I blame this loss on GOD.

I want to swear my head off at God right now but I am too pissed.

This isn’t even fair.

I am going to stop talking right now before I say something I don’t regret.



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5 responses to “Thanks for nothing God

  1. Clearly, I have failed to realize how very much of a Bruins fan you are. That has since been rectified. It is interesting when you watch a sporting event and have no rooting interest, and then see how each team’s fans react to what took place. However, I now feel compelled to root first and foremost…for GOD. (you don’t think the NHL will let the Bruins wear your logo for Game 2, do you..?)

  2. i think that… i think that.. god is fantastic. i think he’s just swell. and i’m sure this was a test. um. and he will fix this. (he reads these blog comments, right?) i… um… think he’s just swell and… that he’ll recognize our noble intentions. after all, FDA and i… we plan to… um… sit and play chess with old people. and feed the homeless. and you know, other things good, blessed people do. right, fda? (you don’t think god will read inside these parantheticals, do you?) see, god likes america. he doesn’t like canada. that’s why WE have … um … congress?
    please, god? FDA will apologize!

  3. FireDannyAinge

    ( God does not read between these two curvy line things so please use all insults in between these two curly sort of almost the letter “C” ssss)

    I tried being nice to God and he spit on me. No he bit my finger.

    TDC (those damn canucks)were OFF SIDES and God just didn’t care.

    Thanks for making me laugh. Last night was tough and I will not be putting myself through that again.

    I’ll apologize when God plays fair and stops cheating the Bruins.

    Boo ya

  4. (shh! he’ll hear you!) she doesn’t mean it, god. (I’ll buy god a card, you sign it, okay?) we have something for you. it’s in the envelope. (okay, I’ll sign it for you)

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