Bruins are underdogs

The fans want us to win but the “:experts” all say we are going down.

Take the ESPN poll.

Here are the “experts” picks.

Why predictions are monkey business.

Barry Melrose is full of it. He picked against us in every series. I heard him. Now this says the opposite for the Montreal series.

Linda Cohn is now an enemy. I used to like her.She is a New Yorker. What did I expect.



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2 responses to “Bruins are underdogs

  1. FDA, I submit you review your stance on Linda. She is a friend of Hockey and is often Tweeting away about NHL Playoff games while most molecules are discussing…Paul Pierce and Danny Ainge (that should do it…). She is a true Hockey patriot. Please reconsider. Barry on the otherhand is a homeless man they found on the steps one cold day in CT and gave him something to eat and drink…and now they can’t get rid of him…especially now with Matthew B going to the ex’s house and hip-checking the furniture and such. Rumor has it there was some incident with a dresser. Oh wait, that was TooSoxy. Nevermind that part. Anyway, Barry needs to be relocated to the shelter.

  2. FireDannyAinge

    I will give Linda a break (if the Bruins win) if we don’t (win) I will blame Linda and hate her forever. (Holding grudges. That’s me)

    I do have a funny Linda story. She was on sportcenter once and the guy announcing with her said something like now you’ll have to be a Yankee fan and she laughed in a haha when hell freezes over like laugh. It was funny.

    Too soxy and a dresser. NOT a surprise.

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