Bru-Ox or Sox-ins


I was in the middle of making this for a visual when someone on the Bruins scored.


Come on Bruins the picture above is a visual for you. That is a goal and it has a puck in it. I put your logo on the puck to let you know which team needs to put the puck in the goal. Okay to be honest someone else put it on I just took it. Also to be honest I am not watching the hockey game. I can’t HANDLE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Breathing, breathing,

Of the above two pairings which do you like better? I think I like Sox-ins. (Sox and Bruins. Sox-ins)

Or I could just call them the give FDA a heart attack twins???

Bruins are tied at 0 at the end of the first. Sox are winning 6-2. The Bruins have started the second.

I wish I was a girly girl.I wish I hated sports and only watched soap opera’s and Desperate Housewives. I wish I only cared about make up and going out and getting drunk. I wish I wasn’t sitting home on a Friday night watching hockey and baseball and freaking out every 7 seconds by changing the channel because I am too nervous.
I think I’m nuts:)

Horton scored the goal. 3.16 left. NESN said they would update but they haven’t. I had to turn the game on. I HATE COMMERCIALS!!!!

I think the NESN announcer is nervous for the Bruins. He can’t keep still.


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