Shut up Wyc

The Bruins are one game away from the Stanley Cup Finals. The Red Sox are on freaking fire and WEEI is interviewing the idiotic owner of the Celtics? No wonder your ratings are in the garbage. You clearly have no idea how to run a radio station. I hate Michael Felger but I thank someone for him every night because WEEI is now a waste land and I love it.

Back to the story. Is there a more unprofessional organization then the Boston Celtics? First you have Danny Ainge throwing a towel up in the air to distract an NBA player from making a free throw. The GENERAL MANAGER of your PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL TEAM. Now you have the asshole owner of the Celtics on air openly rooting against the team that embarrassed his team only a few short weeks ago?

This guy is a joke. He needs to be forced to sell this team. He is making a mockery of this once proud franchise and no one seems to care because he won a title 3 years ago.

I have no problem with rooting against the team that beat you but if you are the owner of a PROFESSIONAL SPORTS TEAM do you really need to go on the radio and tell the world?

This is why I HATE this team. I hate them. The NBA doesn’t care because the Boston teams bring in the ratings but now that the Bruins are beating the Celtics in the ratings I hope David Stern wakes up and stops letting these idiots get away with what they get away with.

The Sox owner doesn’t do this. Sure they go back and forth with the Yankees but they do this to one up each other. There is no way you would ever see Theo Epstein sitting behind the plate waving a white towel to distract the pitcher of another team. You would never hear the Sox owners on the radio bad mouthing other teams players and owners.

Still waiting for karma to do its job.



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3 responses to “Shut up Wyc

  1. Hmmm. So THAT is why you hate this Danny Ainge guy. See, I was wondering…

  2. FireDannyAinge

    One of these days I will explain the whole kit and kaboodle to you too soxy. I promise but 8 years later it still me makes so angry I can’t even explain it.

    Think of how you feel watching the 03 ALCS when Grady left in Pedro. If you are like me you were screaming at your TV filled with OMG WTF!That is how I feel about this danny ainge dumbass. He’s Grady little with better luck AKA the NBA is fixed.

  3. Whoa…I must be on the wrong site. I was looking for “Kit And Kaboodle”…

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