WTF is with 3 second in goals for the OTHER TEAM????????????

Thanks Lucic.:)

Guess which song I was listening to again when he scored it:):):):)

Krejci! Krejci! Krejci! Krejci!

20 minutes of breathing time until period 2.
Grrrr tied at 2. PAY ATTENTION BRUINS, Scoring on a power play IS possible.

Hockey is not a sport for me. This is so frustrating. Then I keep reading about how much better the Canucks are then the Bruins even from the Boston sports people. Why bother if we are going to lose anyway? Oh because the games are not played on paper. ah. Doesn’t make this any easier on my heart.

I quit. Bye Hockey. How bout those Red Sox?

I’m still here, grrr

Sidenberg playing soccer goalie. Yuck another power play. They don’t see the Tampa guy pushing our players head to the ice but they see Ference. BULL SHIT
Nice Save Timmy.

THESE HOCKEY ANNOUNCERS SUCK!!!!!! Anything the Bruins do they point out but when the Tampa guy tripped us as we were going to the goal THEY DON’T SEE IT.

20 minute breather and then the Bruins need to WAKE UP!

Okay so I am a total sign believer. I turned on American idol to see who won and Steven Tyler was introduced to sing a song. The song was… Dream on. Those out of Boston don’t understand but Dream On is kind of an Anthem for our sports teams. Maybe this is fate. FYI Scotty the New England sports team fan just won American Idol. Hopefully this is good vibes for the Bruins. COME ON BRUINS!


Shit. SHIT, SHIT, shit. I really quit now and I am going to an oldy but goody. Jar of Hearts. Tearing love apart. who do you think you are….

Not a happy camper. Not AT ALL. Ruining my night. Breathing….. the end. FOR NOW



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4 responses to “REALLY Bruins REALLY.

  1. Tampa Bay Lightning…ZAP! Lightning is very dangerous. Now, the Bruins have to deal with the pressure of not blowing this series in front of the home folk. I think they’ll find a way to win, but they certainly didn’t make this easy on themselves. Playoff hockey is just brutal to watch if you are invested in either team. I ain’t buying all that Vancouver talk…hell, the rest of Canada hates them. Doesn’t even consider them part of the country. I think that will depress them as Boston is considered part of the U.S.

  2. FireDannyAinge

    That is good to but I am sure Canada will support Canana despite the fact most of the NHL is freaking Canada.

    They got the Olympics the cup needs to stay in the US.

    A guy on the radio today said a guy in the Tampa crowd was holding a toddler giving one of the Bruins players the middle finger. How classy.

    If we don’t win we only have ourselves to blame. Unlike Dallas that was just handed the WCF by an officiating crew clearly on the take.

  3. “Officiating crew clearly on the take?” Uh-oh. Not this again…

  4. FireDannyAinge

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The NBA is so fixed. FIXED. I can totally see a make up win for Dallas from 06.

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