Tonight is your night Kaberle AND Win it for Timmy


Listen to me Tomas Kaberle and listen to me good. Tonight is your night. Enough of this mediocre play.

As far as I am concerned tonight is the beginning of the beginning or the beginning of the end and it all starts with YOU!

So It’s time to break out of this slump. Make tonight’s game your statement game and go out there and do what you have done your entire career. (I’m assuming you have done something since all the blame is being placed on you. I figure sometime in your career you must have done something to merit this rage)

So I’ve done some re-search on you Tomas. Turns out you were once a very good hockey player. You have a bronze Olympic medal. You are a 4 time all star. You are also the second-highest scoring defenceman in Maple Leafs franchise history. How about scoring some of those goals for us?

You wear number 12? Go steal some of that early 2000 Tom Brady good luck.

Pep Talk time

So I am writing this blog to let you know that not everyone in Boston hates you. I like you and I Believe in you so prove me right and shut everyone else up. Go do the job we all know you are capable of.

ESPN is off my shit list for 3 minutes.

Win it for Timmy, awwww

Damn straight world. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Tim Thomas.

Win one for Thomas: It was quite comical to this scribe to hear various media pundits put the blame on Tim Thomas for the Game 4 collapse. Defenseman Dennis Seidenberg seemed to agree.

“No, no way!” Seidenberg said. “I don’t know how many times he saved us during the playoffs and during the season; there’s no way we even think about him having anything to do with us losing. I think it was our mistake up front and not following through with what we’re supposed to do. Whoever said that hasn’t watched him all season and didn’t watch us stop playing in front of him tonight and in other games. What a joke!”

That being said, Thomas didn’t have his best game on Saturday. He was not the main reason the Bruins fell apart, but he was also not the dominating Thomas we’ve seen for most of the season. When he doesn’t perform as well, the team needs to pick him up and pay him back for all the games he stole during the season. In Game 4, the Bruins didn’t do that and instead seemed to rely on Thomas to bail them out once again. This is a team game, and the Bruins need to play better in front of Thomas.

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  1. I did not think Thomas played well in Game 4 but not all on him.

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