Sox hitters. You OWE Wakefield a win PLUS Karl Ravech


This idiot above is Karl Ravech. He has been doing a lot of Red Sox bashing recently. Tonight he did some more on SportsCenter. After we beat the Cubbies some College kids were chanting “Lets go Bruins” outside of the Fens after the game and he said something like “All these people that jumped off the bandwagon are now all back on it now that there winning”

Umm no Karl because last time I checked the sell outs that have been going on for over 5 years are still happening. Last time I checked the line is still down the street for day of game tickets. Last time I checked people like me are still living and dying by this team depending on the night. Last time I checked all these sell outs are still sell outs.

So no Karl NO ONE jumped off the bandwagon. There might be some bandwagon fans but us real fans are still here so SHUT UP.

This is going to be the next sign I make for Fenway. The name have been made up:)


Remember that beautiful game he pitched before he pitched 3 crappy games? The one where he left with a 1-0 lead and you blew it for him? It was MAY 1ST. Well tonight he is pitching and you owe him a win. PERIOD.

IMO you owe him a blow out. A nice 20-0 game will suffice:)


In case you forget this is Tim Wakefield above. That is his number 49 in the circle in case you need to remember who you owe a win.


Shut up ESPN. Wanna talk piecing together a pitching staff. Try the Red Sox yesterday AND Today.

Oh and Youkilis strikes out and the stupid ESPN guy screams like the Cubs pitcher just struck out the last batter in the 9th inning of a world series game. I HATE ESPN and Fox. I am done after this inning.I can’t watch this network anymore especially no with sound.

I am back. Ut Oh Masterson is pitching against us tomorrow night. He likes to beat us. I want PAY BACK for the first series.

Red Sox fans have gotten annoyed with Cubbies fans. Only took you two games people. They have over taken the Cubs We will have none of that.



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5 responses to “Sox hitters. You OWE Wakefield a win PLUS Karl Ravech

  1. Karl, you have incurred the wrath of FDA at precisely the wrong time (not that there’s a right time). Good luck with that…

  2. FireDannyAinge

    Hey I can be a nice person sometimes.

  3. I meant when one incurs the wrath there is no good time for THAT…not that you were always wrath-ful.

  4. And another thing…one thing I am full of wrath about is Word Press. It is broken big time. My page views are down, my tags don’t load. Freshly Pressed isn’t. Dashboard is too white. Word Press is the new Yankees.

  5. FireDannyAinge

    WordPress doesn’t let me sign in half the time. I like it better then blogger (I love IP numbers) but I feel ya.

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