Saturday, May 21st officially never happened


This is Shemar Moore. This is the best looking man you will ever see wearing a Red Sox hat.

Shemar grew up in Boston and is a life long Red Sox fan. He considers us home. He loves us. He was even drafted by the Red Sox but his mean mother made him go to College.


Those two numbers above. They are the current score of the Red Sox, Scummies game. That is the ugliest thing you could see in a red sox hat.

Compare them.


Bruins lose. Red Sox imploding after wasting a beautiful effort by Aceves and the rest of the sports world is slowly dying in front of my face as I write this.

I am going to sleep.


Public enemy # 2

Yep we needed to get rid of Oki for this bum.

WTF Throwing at Youkilis. If the idiotic Cubs really think Aceves threw at their player on purpose then they don’t know the game of baseball. Oh that’s right they don’t know the game of baseball.



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2 responses to “Saturday, May 21st officially never happened

  1. Kevin Youkilis? Shemar Moore? Now that’s a tough call for the best looking man in a Red Sox hat…any other nominees?

  2. FireDannyAinge

    There is NO comparison. Shemar is the perfect man. Youkilis is….. is…… Not.

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