What I learned about Cubbie fans last night

I took this video for TooSoxy. A video of Youkilis. This is supposed to be High def video but it doesn’t look it. I apologize. I apologize for it being an out too but I recorded it in good faith.

1- Cubbies fans are loud and obnoxious. When they are winning. When they are losing they don’t make a peep.

2- Cubbies female fans wear way too much make up. Every female I saw with a Cubbies shirt looked like they just got out of clown school.

3- Cubbie fans are not lovable losers that only care about watching a game vs winning a game. That is a myth.

4- Cubbie fans are very critical of their own team. The guy behind me complained the 3 actual innings he sat in his seat that the Cubbies pitcher sucked. That they should have gone after Gonzalez and not wasted 10 million on that ex Tampa Bay guy hitting 235 and some other stuff. I tried to tune him out. “:That guy” is Carlos Pena. Yep I knew his name but Cubbie fan did not.

5- Cubbies fans give me a headache. The guy 2 rows behind me wouldn’t stop clapping really loudly in my ears and I wanted to turn around and smack him.

6- Cubbies fans are fake fans. The same guy 2 rows behind me that only stayed in his seat for 3 innings talked about how he was going to leave in the 7th to go to a bar. This was in between him leaving twice to go get beer and go have a smoke. When he came back he asked the Red Sox fan next to him how the Cubbies scored their second run and when the Sox fan said he didn’t know the Cubbies fan said ” ah typical red sox fan” as a mock. Yea right said the Cubbies fan who wasn’t in his seat to see what happened on his damn own.

I did learn something about Red Sox fans yesterday. I learned that we don’t think much of Cubbies fans. When they started their “Lets go Cubbies ” chant a few people booed but most of just laughed and sighed. I guess we felt sorry for them. I know when they started the first chant I just kind of laughed. My thought was ” I guess if this gets them through the day then so be it” The second chant Red Sox fans were a little less enamored and they started a Red Sox chant. The third chant even Cubbie fans had given up. It was like 3 people starting a chant and everyone else ignoring them.

I used to be a Cubbie sympathizer but I am not longer one of them. I guess I feel bad for real Cubbie fans but I didn’t run across any last night.



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2 responses to “What I learned about Cubbie fans last night

  1. i love this video. i will treasure it always. i need one of those video frames. i will find one.
    PS- what happened today in the 8th inning? i looked away. i went to change. i came back in comfy clothes and the game had… had… evaporated. what happened?

  2. FireDannyAinge

    Matt Albers happened.

    I changed the channel after he sucked and I have to find out of the guy that stole Okajima’s damn roster sport gave up any runs. If he did those runs were charged to Matt and I need to know.

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