Move over Danny Ainge I have a new target to pick on for the rest of his God given life. Okay so it isn’t that bad but it still sucks.

How good has Okajima been for the Sox lately? Anyone remember a two inning game he pitched recently?


So now you decide to decide o designate him for assignment? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

target number 2 is Franklin Morales. Sorry it might not be your fault but another fucking National league pitcher to suck for us.

I hate you Theo Epstein.

Read this story about Okajima and Easter. I want to cry:(

Here is what Theo had to say about the end of Okajima. Theo you’re an idiot



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3 responses to “Theo I HATE YOU!- UPDATED

  1. You will be redirected to Fire Theo Epstein in five seconds…

  2. Oky and i have not been okay for awhile now. I am okay with this.

  3. FireDannyAinge

    I am damning you to hell with Youkilis for those comments the future Mrs Youkilis. grrrr

    Okay breathing but not for long. On my way to writing the saddest blog of all time.

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