Happy Sports night in Beantown. SCRATCH THAT

WTF? The Red Sox designated Okajima for assignment? ARE YOU KIDDING ME. He has been great lately. This better be a move because he has options or I will be pissed.

WTF! He will be pout through waivers. Oh I HATE you Theo. You’re getting your own HATE blog.

If Okajima becomes a Yankee I am selling all my red sox tickets and watching just hockey.

Bruins win. Sox win. I even am happy for Carl Crawford AND Jonathon Papelbon.

Go bruins. Go Sox. Suck it Tampa Bary lightening “fans”

Tomorrow night is the cubbies. I’ll be there:) Seriously we better win.

Oh no he didn’t just elbow Bergeron in the head?

Timmy Thomas is not only the best goalie he is the damn M.V.P of this team.

Timmy Thomas gets to wear the jacket. AMAZING tonight Timmy. Amazing.


Sox signed Kevin Milwood to a minor league deal. Hmmm



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3 responses to “Happy Sports night in Beantown. SCRATCH THAT

  1. i just figured something out. by using this thing called math. and counting. we have the BIGGEST win streak in baseball right now.
    really. with six.
    st. louis has four.
    which is six minus two (<-more math).
    i think this is that part where we sit in our turrets and laugh.

  2. FireDannyAinge

    No laughing yet. We breath. We sigh and we hope it continues. Then we hope it really continues tomorrow night when I am at the game.

    Breathing. Sigh.

    p.s.- Great job figuring out that math. Very impressive.

  3. oh, there will be no ticket selling. you stop that!

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