Want some cheese with that whine Tampa?


If you have a blog please pass this picture along.

The Tampa Bay lightening have a bunch of bandwagon fans and the Bruins put up some billboards around the Fleetcenter (It is not and never will be the garden) well a whiny idiotic idiot radio guy in Tampa told all the people that listen to his radio station to complain to the Boston Bruins and the Bruins removed the signs.

What are they 10? Your fans are bandwagon jumpers. That’s a fact so what are you whining about?

This is so ridiculous. We better win this series.

I just learned the idiot in Tampa is a Yankee fan. I say we start a petition to get him fired I bet we could get more signatures to get rid of him then they got to call the Bruins offices.

A Yankee fan Tampa Bay radio personality Cowhead (real name Mike Calta) of 102.5-FM apparently spends more time complaining about Tampa teams then he does supporting them. He is always bad mouthing the Rays because he is a Yankee fan.

A funny article by a Bruins fan

Another article from the same site where we learn this radio guy
made all kinds of derogatory comments about gay people.

It’s too bad I couldn’t get Bruins playoff tickets. i would remake the sign and brought it with me to the game.


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