Red Sox nation has heart

I am never for sap stories. Unless they involve someone I like. Dilemma, John Lackey has a sap story. I guess calling it a sap story means I personally don’t have a heart but guess what? I do have a heart. Unless it has to do the Dumb brothers of Doc and Danny. I have no sympathy for someone that’s nickname is Doc and sucks. Both as a human being and as a basketball coach. I don’t like cheaters and basketball tankers.

John Lackey I hope your wife is okay. I hope you learn to pitch. I hope the Red Sox learn to hit. I hope the rain stops before my house floats away. I hope for a lot of things.



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3 responses to “Red Sox nation has heart

  1. Prayers for John and his family indeed. Into everyone’s life, a little rain must fall…but not for a week straight. That’s just wrong.

  2. See… I think it’s okay to give his wife good thoughts and still rejoice in his DL listing. I really do.
    I mean, compared to other players (we’re talking other teams here), we’re all going to have John Lackey’s back. hands down.
    But compared to other Red Sox players… um… I have been known to criticize Lackey.
    I think to NOT criticize him would be a lack of respect.
    It works in my head.

  3. FireDannyAinge

    That is true. My Youkilis hate goes deep but if anyone outside of Boston picks on him I’ll defend him to the death. (even if I really agree with them)

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