The NBA is fixed

There are two players in the NBA right now that are 100% NBA created. Do I even have to tell you who they are?

Cough, You can go to the line. Cough again. To the line again. Cough you missed a shot, Have some more free points AT THE FREE THROW LINE. It’s disgusting.

So I am watching the NBA game that is on tonight and Dirk must have the flu because he is 22 for 22 (so far) at the line. No one on his team has been to the line more then 3 times but Dirk, he has been to the line 22 TIMES

He just beat a record for most makes in a row at the free throw line. ANY GUESSES who he just beat? The previous record belonged to none other then Paul Pierce.

The ratings for the NBA are slightly up from last year which is good news for Celtics and Laker haters because it means the NBA has found a way to have a successful playoffs without fixing it for one of those teams.

Guess who is at the line again as I write this. 24 for 24

The NBA makes it look like they are being fair because Oklahoma has taken more free throws but as I have sat here the last 5 minutes Dirk has been to the line 4 times and Oklahoma. once.

How is it even possible to shoot 12 for 15 and get to the line 24

Looks like the NBA is trying to make up for 2006 and are on their way to handing the Dallas Mavericks a title they screwed up themselves in 06.

NO one is whining about Dirk getting to the line every time he touches the ball. When Wade got this type of treatment from the NBA everyone in Dallas whined like the bunch of bandwagon fans they are. The hypocrites. That is my new name for Dallas fans.



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4 responses to “The NBA is fixed

  1. ESPN/ABC has suddenly discovered the rumors are true the other team in LA is not walking through that door anytime soon, so now the WESTERN CONFERENCE FINALS are the equivalent of Ali-Frazier. Whatever they can do to convince Mr. and Mrs. Casual NBA Fan the league is relevant without Boston and LA they will do…and what will they/ABC do if the Heatles are vanquished? Chicago – Oklahoma City…Chicago – Dallas. This should be fun to watch…

  2. FireDannyAinge

    I used to be a huge Chicago hater. The refs let MJ get away with the crap Dirk gets away with so I hated Chicago but the team they have now is fun to watch.

    Don’t get me started on Dirks free pass.

    Tyler has been doing a great job offensively but from what I have been hearing he is a waste of space on the defensive end.

    The idiots on PTI say it’s okay if the NBA fixes the lottery. isn’t that nice:)

    Of the 4 teams left as long as Dallas doesn’t win I’ll be content. I hate Perkins but even if he wins it makes Ainge look dumb plus I love Durant.

  3. I could not believe Michael Wilbon let Tony The K get away with that “OK if the NBA lottery is fixed” nonsense. I almost came out of my chair but I was eating and decided that was top priority so I stayed seated. At first I thought they were joking…maybe that was the joke like the original comment from the Wolves’ owner. I dunno. It probably is fixed…

  4. FireDannyAinge

    Then Wilborn agreed with him. Wilborn is a Bulls fan and that is how they got Derrick Rose. Why would he complain? Kornheiser is a New Yorker and that is how they got Ewing. The cheaters are happy.

    The Wolves had their gift in KG. The only help they got him was Sprewell and Cassel. They lose PLUS they did let Mchale trade Garnett is the evil green team. They deserve NOTHING muhaha:) I did like the Wolves owner though. He was funny.

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