Red Sox game almost tied in the 6th

We were down 6-0 tonight and now it is 6-3 I can totally see a comeback. Wait what? You are telling me this is yesterdays game? Oh that’s why my pant legs are wet since I went to dinner, went all the way into Fenway only to be told the game is cancelled.

I did get to meet Rick Wise tonight. He was at autograph alley. VERY nice guy. He saw my sweatshirt and said he hopes the Bruins win tonight. Seriously was one of the friendliest guys I have ever met in autograph ally. He was very talkative. Showed me his ALCS ring. I took a picture I’ll see if it comes out.



They listened. The Bruins listened:):):):) 4-2.. 3 goals in a matter of minutes. Now score some more.


Tyler Sequin you goal scoring machine. Work on the defense kid and FYI , SCORE MORE GOALS. If you continue to SCORE Claude will play you.

P.S.- Shut up Michael Felger. I can see him in his living room gloating right now.

5-3 MORE goals Bruins. It’s only the 2nd.

6-3 YES!

Hockey is trying to kill me. Come on bruins!

If you can’t win a game where you have a 3 goal lead going into the 3rd period then you have only yourself to blame.

I hate when a team gets a lead they start playing just defense instead of trying to score more goals.

Bruins win. I need sleep.

OMG That is way to insane for me to deal with. Bruins win. FDA is going to have her heart attack in peace.


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  1. Philly loves Rick Wise. Class act.

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