Sox Sweep Yankees

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I wanted to leave my soap opera blog up for as long as possible (I like it) but I cannot shut up any longer.

Jonathon Lester is not an ACE. He is a 3rd starter. I can’t believe we are getting out pitched by a has been. If we can’t beat has been’s then we have no chance of beating anyone else.

Damn you 500. Is it a coincidence that Manny hit his 500Th homer as a Sox? I think not.


There is another we need a catcher article up on fannation and the first comment is hilarious. It is so hilarious in fact I could have been the one to make it up.

The article is about the Sox bringing in another catcher and someone in the comments section wrote the funniest joke EVER!

“Posada may be available ” HAHAHAHA. Sigh

I do have to laugh because I always get my Red Sox info from a Chicago


Yankee fans gave Posada a standing Ovation.LMAO For refusing to go into a game against the Red Sox? Times have changed. Bandwagon Nation is the new nick name for the Skankee fans.


Congrats to Boston Rob for winning survivor. Go Sox



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2 responses to “Sox Sweep Yankees

  1. I am letting “Jar Of Hearts” play on as I type this. I think I have it memorized.

    Congrats to Boston Rob for winning Survivor. I heard that Jorge Posada is going to be on the next one. Or maybe that was Glee…I can’t remember.

  2. FireDannyAinge

    I always think I have jar of hearts memorized and every time I try and sing it on my own I can’t remember any words but collecting your jar of hearts.

    Jorge can end up on survivor because I don’t want that show. I just know Boston Rob won because it showed up on my yahoo alert. Jorge can leave Glee alone. I am starting to enjoy that show.

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