The Yankees really do suck

I love taking joy in the downfall of the Evil Empire but something about the way Junior Steinbrenner is handling this team makes me sick to my stomach. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE watching them fall apart. They deserve to have the entire team go Kaboom but this is just strange.

Jorge Posada asked out of the line up and now the Yankees want to void his entire contract? Sounds like Jorge was upset that they wanted him to hit ninth but who really knows since this is New York and their media is full of shit.
Even if he was upset about hitting ninth and he didn’t want to play you have so much respect for a guy that has played for you the last ten million years you automatically go to the media to defame him?

This happened already once for the evil empire this year. Derek Jeter thought he was worth 20 million a year and when he couldn’t get it the junior Steinbrenner went to the media and ran his mouth.

That makes TWO long time players, over paid players being bad mouthed in the media by the owners.

Maybe they saw the writing on the wall with the Sox coming to town. Why not get the media to blame Jorge for something and it hides the fact the Yankees have just lost 2 games to the Red Sox.

ESPN has Nomar as it’s baseball guy and they asked him how he would feel if this happened to him. He brought up some lame excuse and I couldn’t help but laugh. Nomar pulled the whole I’m not gonna play BS right before he was traded.

I don’t consider this putting yourself over the team. Nomar was upset in 04 because everyone around him was getting these huge contracts and the Red Sox wouldn’t pay him even though he was putting up the numbers these players were.

Jorge asking out if he was upset is immature but it’s understandable.

Oh don’t get me wrong. Let them fall apart. The crappier they treat their so called loyal players the funnier it is.



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3 responses to “The Yankees really do suck

  1. wait… something happening to posada? I must research this. Without him… there would be no Posada-verb. You know, as in, “go posada yourself, you jerk.”
    I’m really counting on this to catch on.

  2. FireDannyAinge

    He claims he has a stiff back.

    I HATE JORGE POSADA more then any other Yankee.

  3. Posada updates have the country breathless…the last I heard he met with Joe G at 6PM and requested out of the lineup. His wife tweeted he had back stiffness. Some unnamed source (I HATE THAT) said he refused to play. Brian Cashman holds a spontaneous/planned press conference during the 3rd inning and says he’s not injured but would not say if he was insubordinate. Wife later tweets Posada loves being a Yankee. As I stated elsewhere, when I woke up there was so much Posada on ESPN I thought he had passed away.

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