Thanks Danny Ainge

I love when you open your mouth and shove the entire body of Big Baby in it.

Apparently he was on WEEI this morning and said he wanted to bring Paul Pierce off the bench to cut down on minutes next year. Do you know how this is going to go over?

Not only that he re-signed Doc Rivers to a five year deal worth 37 million. I read that and all of a sudden started laughing. I had to have read that wrong right?

These two things have just guaranteed the Celtics will never win another title under Danny Ainge as GM. Not like they won the last title because of him because we all know that credit goes to Kevin Mchale.

Paul Pierce off the bench? That is an explosion waiting to happen. Think of the biggest thing you have seen blown up in a movie and this will top it.

There is no way Paul Pierce will EVER agree to come off the bench. I guarantee when he heard this he went nuts. This is the ego that ate Boston. This is the guy that 2 years ago said he was better then Kobe and the best player in the NBA.

Doc Rivers is inept so having him here and all that money being paid to him is going to make it look all that much worse when the Celtics win nothing.

To top off all this great news Jackie Mcmullen just said on one of those ESPN shows that the Bruins ratings the other night were better then the Celtics. Hockey beat basketball. I love it. It also proves me right AGAIN that the Bruins are the second favorite team in this town. Boston loves their white players.

I feel like it’s April Fool day more then Friday the 13th but then again the Red Sox game has just begun:)



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2 responses to “Thanks Danny Ainge

  1. Paul Pierce coming off the bench was the last thing I expected to hear today. Doc Rivers retiring was the first thing I expected to hear today. Obviously, I have my days mixed up…or my expectations…or maybe Boston is mixed up.

  2. FireDannyAinge

    I know I got so excited when I heard he said that. Paul Pierce is going to freak when he hears what Ainge said and if by some miracle he doesn’t freak eventually he will. I will just sit there waiting for his world to fall apart with a smile on my face.:)

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